Secrets and spoilers of Princess Maker 2
This is going to go in depth about secrets, events, and such that you may want to wait to look at when you play the game.  Otherwise, you can read on and find out all sorts of interesting things about the game that you may or may not have known.   This is not a complete page, by all means, I still haven't found EVERYTHING about the game ( I actually wish I knew one or two more things because of the sheer frustration of knowing it's there and I have no idea how to get to it ^_^)

So!  Without anymore waiting.  Here we go.

Opening screen:  When you begin to type in your daughters  name, just press a bunch of keys at once, till it's all filled up.  Suddenly it'll zip past everything and now you have a daughter named Olive Oyl, who is born on April 2nd and is very keen at fighting, and lousy at magic.  This works for the english beta, not sure for any other version.

Magical training: When finally maxed out in magic, you will get to a point where you can go no further.  There are two solutions to this ordeal.  Have your daughter do 3 magic's in a row, without a vacation.  Fay will show up and announce herself in a very ... enthusiastic tone, and grant you the power to to raise one of your three skills ( Magical skill, Magical Attack, Magical Defense ).  You can do this 2 times, then she doesn't show up again if you pull that stunt again.  The 2nd way is a bit more difficult.  Your daughter has to be very charismatic and extremely sensitive ( at least near or over 200 points worth ).  In the forest, there is a pothole you can go through, to another area.  If your daughter isn't very sensitive, she'll comment on how it's the great Oak tree of the Elves.  If she's sensitive, an Elf will be there asking if you want to trade your Combat Skill for magic points.  If you agree, he'll give you +5 on all three skills, and take 5 points of your Combat skill (and you can't get them back either, no matter HOW hard you train.)  However, he'll run away if you're carrying Iron ( A sword or any type of metal weapon or armor, with the exception of the Mithral armor and the War gods sword/ Valkira's sword).

Map of the Eastern Forest

The numbers will be in example to the tricks and tips there.

Forest:  In the forest area there are several hidden features about it, since it seems to be the most magical of the 4 areas to adventure in.  First (Number 1 on the map) you'll notice this structure in the furthest east on the map.  You can sleep there at any time, and if your daughter is sensitive enough, fairies will appear and grant your daughter an abundant amount of cooking skill, plus her stress will go down to 0.

                 Here and near Number 5 you can use the Unicorn Horn.  The Unicorn Horn is something you would obtain through the Traveling Salesman (The "Chinese Orc").   Choose to camp and then select the use item option.  Use it.  She'll state that nothing happens.  Then when you sleep, the next day a Unicorn will approach you and ask about the horn.  Apparently this horn was part of his friend, and questions you on how you obtained it, etc.  If you give it to him, he'll give you 50 points of Sensativity, but if you do not... He'll take away HALF your sensativity.  Many thanks to Alex Cheong and Linda Harper for explaining the use of the Unicorn Horn in this game.
               South of that, there is an area you can wander into that is a dead end, and has a bunch of trees (Number 5).  Sleep there at night ( Only when it's dark outside ) and other fairies will visit you, but this time your art will go up, but your constitution will go down a few points, plus stress will go to 0 also.
You can meet lots of creatures in the forest... one of them is the Wildcat.  When you meet her, you can attack her.  One of them carries an item called the 'Catseye' that is a treasure of the Wildcat tribe, and you can trade it to Ket Shi, their god in 2 different adventure areas ( Not in the forest, but the Glacier and the Desert ).  Another pointless note... totally off the Princess Maker 2 subject in general.  In Final Fantasy 7, the correct pronunciation of 'Cait Sith' is Ket Shi.  And since Ket Shi is a sort of God of the Cat tribe and can use his fairy powers on you, and Cait Sith  in FF7 is a fortune teller machine, it makes it kind of interesting to make this sort of connection.  However, I digress...

Now, last but not least you may discover this one by accident... there is this enclosed area on the upper left portion of the map (Number 4), when you find a way in there (The entrance is in the deep pit.  This is Number 3 on the map), you may encounter the first of 3 tough bandits and some items.  Those items are 250G and Ancient Milk (which helps with weight loss of your daughter.)  The first bandit's name is Venezaro.  This isn't like the other enemies where if you don't win, Cube will just carry your off... he does some mean things to your daughter if he isn't defeated, so it's a good idea to go to him prepared.  If not, love for Cube will shoot through the roof and she'll end up marrying him O_o;;;   If you choose to accept the bribe from him, he offers your daughter 80G.  Should she take this, your daughters Sin will go up 50 points.  If you defeat him, you will get Leather Armor and 30 gold.   Defeating this guy will raise magical or fighter reputation (Depending on what you beat him with) 30 points and you'll receive a prize of 500G ^_^.

 Map of the Western Desert

The numbers will be in example to the tricks and tips there.

Desert:  The Desert area is probably the most ethically dangerous area out of the 4.  That is because there is a devil living out in the middle of it o.o;;;  You'll come across a cave with a sign called 'Demons Abode' (Number 4 on the map).  If your daughter chooses to camp there, your daughter will wake up facing a demon party, and the Prince of Darkness (Lucifon... yeah, i think it may have been a typo in my version o.o) offers your child the chance to raise one of her skills ( Constitution, Strength, Intelligence, Refinement, Charisma, or Refuse) If you refuse nothing happens to her, but if you don't refuse, she'll gain more of the aforementioned skill of choice, but her sin goes way up, and her faith goes down.
                 Something else interesting about this area, is that you can trade in the Demon Pendant that you would buy from the wandering salesman.  This is what can happen.  At the mouth of the cave to Hell, you wander in.  Normally if you don't have the Demon Pendent, he'll tell you to get lost and you'll be pushed out of the cave.  However... should you have the item on you, he'll ask you if you want to trade it for the Circe's Charm.  If you say no, he'll ask to buy it for 1000.  Again, if you say no, he'll then up the price to 1500.  If you say no the final time, he'll attack you.  I'm pretty sure if you lose, he'll take the item from your inventory.  If you say yes to his original offer... you get The Circe's Charm, which is... Magical Attack upped 10 points, Refinement upped 100, Charisma upped 100, but your Morals are taken down to 0 points.
               Another area is the far upper left desert.  You'll find an oasis there sitting in the middle of nowhere (Number 2 on the map).  Now if you aren't carrying the Spirit Ring, she'll glance at the lake and gain more sensitivity.  If you do have it though, a spirit will pop out of the water and ask your daughter for the ring.  If you say yes, she'll thank you and your refinement goes up 50 points.  About a year later, her daughter will show up to your doorstep, thanking your daughter, and her sensitivity will go up 100 points, PLUS she'll leave 2000 gold for you.  Now if you think about that you only paid 1000 for it in the first place, this definantly is a good deal.  If you say NO however... the spirit will curse you for being a wreched human, and you will lose half your sensativity.  For example, say you have 999 Sensativity, you'll lose 499 of it.  Or even if you have 100, you'll lose 50, etc.  It's all just a simple mathmatical equation.  Not giving her the ring isn't really a good option.  Unlike most give or take situations, just give her the ring for crying out loud.
             As I mentioned before about the Wildcat tribe and Ket Shi, the first area to actually encounter him is here (Number 3 on the map).  He doesn't appear unless you have the Catseye though.  He'll ask you to exchange it for one of 4 things, Increase Height, Lower Height, Lower Weight or no deal.  This works out for people with daughters who complain they want to be a little taller.  Other than saying "That's nice dear, what am I supposed to do about it?"  you can actually do something about it now ^_^  That house is located far west in the desert, next to a graveyard.  The place is called the 'House of the dead'  I believe.  You can do this several times.  He does remember you if you encounter him again with another catseye.
             You'll also come across the Dragon Ruins right smack dab at the center of the desert (Number 1).  Your daughter will have to travel through them to get to the other parts of the desert.  One way, to the center you'll encounter a Dragon demanding the toll.  Normally you can pay this, and everything is fine.  If you pay it at least once, it can get you in store for better endings later.    In the center is an old dragon.  If she's too young, he'll tell you to get lost because it's no area for kids.  If she returns later however, he'll give you the Dragon Tights and comment on your daughters' figure.  If you defeat the Dragon Guard the second time around, depending on how old you are.... you may get a young dragon at your doorstep a few months later proposing marriage!  The older dragon will try to sway you for your daughters hand with 10,000 gold.  Which if you're in the red for money, this will make her live easier for the rest of her days, however... well, she'll marry the Dragon Youth.  If you disagree, her refinement goes up.  If you agree, you get the money but I think her morals go down.  She will end up marrying him regardless of what career UNLESS she already has preset one of the other special endings, like Marrying Cube, the Father ( That's right, she can marry YOU! ) and of course, the Prince.

Map of the Southern Lake

The numbers will be in example to the tricks and tips there.

Lake:  The lake area is a bit harder than the other two areas, because the creatures here aren't as friendly and will attack sometimes regardless of how sensitive your daughter is.  There are similar secrets here as there are in the forest, being that it's a magical place.  The artistic dancing like fairies that give Art but take Constitution are along one of the first islands that is between rocks (Number 1).  Just camp there at night and bam, there you go.  The cooking fairies are a bit further away.  Completely south on the map, then east.  There will be this island with nothing to it, you have to find a pathway through the water, and there is a giant red flower thing on the island (Number 2).  Get the treasure chest (Fairy Nectar ) and sleep there, you'll get the ones that increase cooking skill, and kill stress.
             The second criminal is there as well, Bloodrose Vanesta.  He's a bit tougher than Venezaro.  Just make sure you win.  Remeber that the criminals also don't just APPEAR when you enter the area, you may have to wander around for a day or so.  He tries to bribe your daughter with 200 G (Which will make her sin go up 50 points).  Defeating him will gain you Chain Mail armor and 286 G.  When you get back to town you get 30 of Fighters or Magical Reputation and 1500G.
             One of the final minor secrets along the river is somewhat like the forest again, you'll encounter an enemy called the Fishman.  If you defeat him, one will be carrying a Mermaids Tear.  When you go on a paid vacation at the beach, you will meet a Mermaid and she'll offer you a prayer.  Sensitivity goes up.

Map of the Northern Glacier

The numbers will be in example to the tricks and tips there.

Glacier: Other than the amount of cool items you can find here, there aren't that many secrets at all.  There's another hut for Ket Shi ( That would be the igloo at the far left, south map section.  Number 2 here ).
                    There is one last Bandit/boss type character here, his name is Hurricane Calisto and is tougher than the other two combined!  Woo, better be wearing armor against this guy. He's in the empty house (Number 3).  Normally it would say 'No one is here...', so just keep trying to go into it over and over again until he appears.  He will try to bribe you with 500G.  Once defeated you gain Mithral Armor + 386 gold.  Back in the city you gain 30 Fighters or Magical reputation and 5500 G.  Now, take note here - if you take on several adventures in a row and take down ALL the bandits in one month period, you will still gain the total of 5500G, but you will ONLY gain 30 reputation for the three.  My suggestion would be to take them down in individual months, that way you get the full amount of reputation available to you.
                   There is also a row of stairs that go up and up and up (Number 4).  They go to the war god.  Yes, you can fight and defeat the war god if your child is kick ass enough o.o;  Then she will meet her god/protector.  They will give you a skill in which they are most suited for (Example, Venus is god of love, she gives the daughter 100 points of Charisma.  It is different for every god, and it may be more then just the one shot of 100, they could give 100 in two skills, or so.)  It's rather neat to see that, and you get a really neat sword if you do ^_^

                  Okay okay, now you're thinking "I've been through the game SEVERAL times and my daughter can never be kick ass enough because she sucks in everything!"  Mainly that is because of money, right?  Well, I've got cheats for that too :) :) :)

All stuff cheat:   Go into your Princess Maker directory on your computer, and open up the pm2.cnf  file with a simple editor like notepad, or even word.  When in there,  on the line after the last item (There will be about 3 or so )  type on a separate line by itself

MOPI = 1

Then when you go into the town area, holding f10 now you have Mad Eddy's, and the Beta Shop.  Beta Shop let's you test endings, to see what they need... and Mad Eddy's you can get oodles of money, and hard to earn items for a special price ^_^  Also, I've heard that if you don't want to edit the file, you can get the same effect by holding down F12 R and N and Q at the same time.  Then it'll give you that option for that game. It won't be a perminant thing that you'll see every time you play, unlike the MOPI = 1 edit.

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