Jobs and School
        First off, some helpful information.  If you are familiar with the other games, Your daughter is a bit smarter and much moodier in this game than the other Princess Maker games.  In PM2, she'll just run away if she doesn't like a class or a job.  In PM3, things are a bit more realistic.  Her attitude is swayed by if she likes things or not.  If she's at a job she's doing really poorly at, she may ask you not to make her work there anymore, and if you make her work there (or if the owner of the place asks you to not send your daughter to them) she'll end up staying home and doing nothing for that period you designated her to work for.  When your daughter is spoiled, she is a much worse canidate.  If she doesn't like something, she just won't go, or she'll sleep on the job, making no money whatsoever.  She'll also spend more money when she goes out on vacations and she'll hang around in bars.  She will be rather rude and  conceited in her working enviroment, which does get her into lots of trouble.  Hopefully you can help get her away from those attitudes and habits, though, like a real child, it's hard to understand what they're thinking (Especially if it's in another language!). The best thing to remember again is that ALL classes and jobs aquire stress, I'm not gonna list it, so don't bother thinking they don't.   If you get stuck in a situation where your daughter ends up not working, you can always alter her schedule in the middle of game play by selecting "start" (saturn and psx versions)(Or left clicking in the PC version) and it will bring up the choice of changing your schedule.   Your daughters percentage of good work will be rated at the end of the time spent at that particular job.  It'll say like Days worked along with days done well at (54%) and how much you were paid, or something like that.  Your daughter only gets paid for the good percentage of work she does.

Job listing:

Babysitting - Komori  12G
The lady who runs the establishment is named Yuri
Morals and Temperment  - Pride and Sense

Housework - Kajitetsudai  1G
+ Stamina,  Morals, Strength and Temperment - Pride and Sense

Ore Miner - Kouzan 20G
+ Temperment and Fighting Skill - Morals and Refinement

Market - Ichiba  12G
The nice lady who owns it is named "Moria" (MARAIYA)
+ Strength and Temperment - Pride, Morals, and Refinement

Maid - MAIDO  12G
+ Refinement and Charm - Pride and Temperment

Farmer - Noujou  14G
+ Morals and Stamina - Pride, Refinment and Sense

Tutor - Kateikyoushi 16G
+ Intelligence and Temperment - Strength

Saloon/Bar - Sakaba  15G
+ Temperment and Charm - Morals and Refinment

Carpenter - Daiku  18G
+ Strength,  Sense and Fighting Skill - Refinment and Temperment

That foreign part time job! - Sono hoka no ARUBAITO  4G
        This one needs explaining.  Basically after several years, you  MAY actually be noticed by the Prince of the realm, a handsome blond man who approaches you on the street.  He asks if you want to work for the palace, so technically you become a... dadadadum!  Palace Maid!  Oooh, you're so special.  I'm sure this job is different by the way you actually raise your daughter, I just haven't raised enough to find out other options!
Pride, Refinement and Charm - Temperment

I'm pretty sure there's a blacksmith job... but I haven't quite gotten it yet to get specs on it, sorry!

        The jobs offered aren't able to be done right away, first she is given a few, then when her skills develop, she can do other jobs.  Like if she's really good in school, the job of Tutor is offered to your daughter, and so forth.  Both times I played, the Palace Maid job was offered to her, but it didn't mean she was good at being a maid, to be quite honest, she was horrible.  Her accuracy at the jobs are given to you in percentages.  Like (84%) would be indicated with how much your daughter made at the job, etc.

School Listing
        Unlike the jobs, the schooling stays the same all the time.  Though, the coolest thing I've found about school is that you can gain a rival in almost EVERY single class you are good at!  Unlike Princess Maker 2, where her rival is basically one person you have to defeat every year at the Harvest Festival, this is just a 'by the class' rivalry that is more than just a rival relationship.  Your daughter actually becomes FRIENDS with these girls, and they support each other in whatever they do.  It's really quite amusing.  Though, the rivals generally will be against the carreer you chose at the end ( If it has nothing to do with the class you were in with them ) and the one that DID have to do with it will support you completely.  My daughter even bought one of them a birthday gift, and vice versa.  I guess the strength of the friendship with them is depending on what you had your daughter focus on.  Lisa liked fighting.  She liked it alot, in fact, she asked me if she could take that class (Before I signed her up for it).  So the fighting rival (Ariel) became her  best bud.   After the first week of class, your daughter also has interesting things to say about the class, like if she likes it, dislikes it, or if she is confused by how hard it is.  My favorite was the Dance class.  She said she liked dancing a whole lot, but her dance teacher wasn't very masculine at all (He sounds very gay, like Tomo from Fushigi Yuugi.).  Lisa enjoyed it though, and was very good at the subject.  Her favorite was fighting though.

 School - Gakko  10G
+ Intelligence, Pride, Morals and Charm - Nothing

Fighters Skill Dojo - Bujutsu Doujou  13G
+ Stamina, Pride and Military Skill - Nada

Musical Classroom - Ongaku Kyoushitsu  15G
+ Pride and Refinement -  Nope

Painting Classroom - Kaigai Kyoushitsu  15G
+ Intelligence and Sense - Not a thing

Church - Kyoukai  3G
+ Intelligence, Morals and Refinement -  Zilch

Protocol - Gyougiminarai  15G
+ Morals, Refinement and Charm - Nothing

Dance Classroom - Dansu Kyoushitsu  13G
+ Stamina, Pride, Refinement and Charm - None at all

Refuse Food Dojo - Danjiki Doujou  5G
Yes, it's a DIETING class to help reform your child into a normal little girl instead of a spoiled little brat o_o
+ Charm - Stamina

Cooking Classroom - Ryouri Kyoushitsu  10G
+ Strength, Temperment and Sense - Nothing at all

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