Schooltime!Ah yes the fun fun joys of doing homework and all sorts of stuff o.o;;

That's the point of playing this game, right?  Make your child be the best at what she is!  School is a nice enviroment to learn, hone skills, and do all that cool stuff.   Here are the many subjects and what they do for your daughter.  The names here are used in the english beta version, and may not be the official names when and if the game becomes released at all in an english version.  Basically the prices that are charged to you are by how experianced in the subject your child becomes.  After so many classes, your child will be moved up a level.  Whether or not you need that extra level really isn't nessassary.   For example, once you've maxed out your magic abilities, there's no way to max them out any more.  It doesn't matter if she's at Adept or even at Master, there's no possible way to make them go any higher.  However, with the higher levels, you can increase certain stats faster.

Taught by Barcleo the Alchemist, Science is an important subject in even every day school.
Novice: 30G, Adept: 40G, Expert: 50G and Master: 60G    These prices are per day/per class
Adds to:  Intelligence Takes away: Magical Defence, Faith

Taught by General Kreger, it's supposed to teach you how to be a good Military man ( or woman )

Novice: 50G, Adept: 70G, Expert: 90G and Master: 110G
Adds To:  Intelligence, Combat Skill Takes Away:  Sensitivity

Taught by Sister Lee of the church, this class is actually a rather benificial course depending on where your child should be going.
Novice: 40G, Adept: 60G, Expert: 80G and Master: 90G
Adds To:  Faith, Intelligence, Magical Defense. Takes Away: Nothing.  This is a very nice course.

This course is taught by Comstock.  This is a very enlightening course that could actually shape your daughters' fate.  Unlike 20 courses of fighting, or any of that sort.  If you take one class of Poetry, and your daughter is decently intelligent, she will become a writer x.x  Maybe there are ways around that, but most of my children generally end up being writers and artists because I had them take poetry once or twice.
Novice: 40G, Adept: 60G, Expert: 80G and Master: 100G
Adds To:  Sensitivity, Refinement, Intelligence, Art Takes Away: Yet another course that doesn't take anything from her.

Ah,the joys of fighting.  Taught by Carl Fox, this is a course to teach your child to defend herself, and definantly be an all around better fighter.  Combat Skill is easy to get, but Combat Defense takes lots of courses and hard work.  Maybe if you're lucky, Valkira the War God will visit your daughter and make the journey a little easier. I do believe this course also secretly works on strength.

Novice: 30G, Adept: 40G, Expert: 50G and Master: 60G
Adds To: Combat Skill, Combat Defense. Takes Away: Nothing.

Taught by the skilled swordfighter, Leftor, this class helps you hone your skills of fighting.  Occassionally  you'll even get the occasional Dojo Destroyer ( No joke ).  If you lose against the Dojo Destroyer, class will be cancelled for a few weeks.
Novice: 40G, Adept: 70G, Expert: 130 and Master: 190 - Small note.  All your skills are filled about the time you hit Adept.  If you keep going back to this guy, he'll just say "I'm raising you a level because I just want to charge you more."  Wow, if that wasn't the truth or what...
Adds To: Combat Skill, Combat Attack. Takes Away: Nothing.

The A-B-C's of magic, as Cube says.  This course is very steady in the field of magic, unfortunately you can only go up to 100-110 points for both skills, then you have to find secrets in the game to do more.  Check out the secrets/spoilers page for that information ^_^

Novice: 60G, Adept: 70G, Expert: 80G and Master 90G
Adds To: Magical Skill, Magical Attack Takes Away: Nada, again.

The skill of protocal is very important if you want to meet people in high society.  One of the only ways to raise Decorum.
Novice: 40G, Adept: 50G, Expert: 60G and Master: 70G
Adds To: Decorum, Refinement Takes Away: Nothing

Hoping your daughter could win the art contest?  It's one of the easiest to do if you work at it a little.  Her art needs to be at least 90, and have semi decent sensitivity.  The best painting to do is "The Advent of the Angels" and every painting that is done will be hung behind your daughter in her room. The course is taught by Filkins, who also participates in the Art contest.  Every painting you do costs 100G.

Aaaah! Look! ^ it's Patricia!  Kill it! o_o;
Novice: 40G, Adept: 50G, Expert: 60G and Master: 80G
Adds To: Art, and Sensativity Takes Away: Nope, nothing at all.

Dance like you wanna win!  Yeah!  Okay, the course of dance is taught by Tobi, who ALSO participates in the October festival.  This course secretly works on strength, even though that's not listed under the power meter thingy.
Novice: 50G, Adept: 70G, Expert: 90G and Master 110G
Adds To: Art, Charisma, Constitution  Takes Away: Nada again.

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