Princess Maker 3 : Faery Tales Come True

      Well, here we go again.  Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True, is the 4th installment in the Princess Maker game world.  This time a young Faery asks to become a human.  To be more exact, a human Princess.  For some ungodly reason that I don't understand (I'm not a Japanese major), she is put in your care to do just this.  Princess Maker 3 is available on Playstation (PSX), Sega Saturn, and now Windows 95.  The PSX version being the first, it has a lot left out that was included within the Sega Saturn and Windows 95 versions.  It is also currently available in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and I heard rumors of a future French version.  All information was obtained from the Sega Saturn Japanese version.  Here is what to expect within the game.

Good Ol' Dad
Uzu and the Option menu
Jobs and Schooling
Your daughters Rivals
Your Daughter's Disposition
Pretty Pictures of  your daughter from the art book

              Princess Maker 3 is a game created by Gainax and Nine Lives.  This is a fan page not affiliated with either of those companies, I'm just a bored, obsessed fan.  All the info here was obtained from the Sega Saturn version of the game.  All rights reserved if any.  No Animals or Furniture were harmed in this production.  Blahblahblah...

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