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  You seem to have stumbled upon Nuriko's Princess Maker 2 information page.  All information here is based off of the English language  BETA version, however to my understanding it HASN'T been released in the United States and such due to information that the original releasing company had run out of money to actually release the game, plus some rumors of groups stating how sexist the game is and such so it was never released.  I do own the Sega Saturn Japanese version of the game.  The statistics for both the english beta vesion and the japanese version are relatively the same.

   Pretty much you're this hero guy who gets picked by the gods to raise a child from the ages 10-18.  Everything you do will influence how the child grows up, everything from jobs to schooling all depend on how you raise her.  You get to choose her name, your age, both birthdates, and blood type for the kid.  Most people realize this is just one of those Tamagotchi games gone wrong, but the folks at Gainax actually made this one amusing.  With many different endings and variations that all depend on even a single birthdate, it's definantly made me the type who has played it way too often to count.  Gotta love these lifesim games ^_^

What this page is for:

          Well, now that you've read all that... the point of this page is to give you the who's and what's of this game.  Skills needed for what, etc.  If you want your daughter to grow to be the best,  and in *what*, this is where you need to be.  Princess Maker 2 is NOT a hentai game.  It is a life simulation game where you raise a child from ages 10-18.  It isn't for the intended purposes that hentai/perverse games generally are for.   If you think it is, you've come to the wrong place.  Welcome to my domain o_o;;;

I've recently published a FAQ/Strategy guide for Princess Maker 2.  It is currently listed on  It would be the one written by Nuriko :)  Check it out if the stuff here isn't quite enough for you.
Castle - This is a page dictating what is needed to visit the castle folk. People  - This is a page talking about the Rivals in the game. School- This is a page explaining the different subjects in school.
Jobs - A page explaining the many jobs available to your daughter in Princess Maker 2. Artwork scans from PM artbooks - This is basically just an image page.  Lotsa pretty scans! The Secrets/spoilers page -This is a page explaining everything else in the game that I possibly did not cover otherwise.  This includes maps, and not so known tips about the game.

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Manditory Disclaimer.  This game is copyright GAINAX etc, etc.  I have no affiliation with the the company other than being a fan who has too much time on my hands.  All the info here was gathered on my own accord.  Research made with the English Language Beta that was not officially released and the Sega Saturn versions.