The Princess Maker Poll Results!
Now we have ventured into adding a new poll.  Over 1000 people voted!  Woo hoo!

Although, I heard rumors that there HAD BEEN a Princess Maker OVA series.  I have never seen it, nor do I know who may have done it.  Gainax was not the animator, in that case.  I also heard yet another unfounded rumor about a future OVA or TV series featuring characters or about the whole Princess Maker thing (Very recent).  Only time will tell.

Our first poll, although it took several months, finally was retired.  I decided to add a new poll.  Hopefully this trend will be more popular in the future, and I will add lots of new polls.  Here is the results from the first poll.

Looks like the overall winner was Princess Maker 2 by a landslide!  Though, it looks like a lot of you have tried at least Pm2 and 3, but not so much Pm1 + 2.  Since the original Princess Maker is rather old, and harder to get a hold of, I can totally understand how most have only tried only 2 or 3, considering that 2 has been available on the internet for the last few years even translated into English.  Congratulations to the victor, Princess Maker 2!

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