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               Here is my mediocre page on the Princess Maker Puzzle game.  In the heart of Japanese video game tradition comes the always interesting puzzle game.  Sometimes it's good, but usually it is bad.  This is not the exception.  Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game to play.  But if you pride yourself on being a huge fan of puzzle games, puyopuyo master, or bust a move fan, you may not be turned on by this 'run of the mill' puzzle styled game.  For every popular series, there is a puzzle game.  Everything from Street Fighter (Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo X.  Yes, that IS the full title ;p), Ranma 1/2 (Ranma 1/2 Guu Choki Puzzle Ouki Jaanken), Battle Arena Toshinden (Puzzle Arena Toshinden), Sailor Moon (I have no idea of the title, but I do know it exists), and even Tenchi Muyo has one somewhere out there.  This may not be up to par for those who are familiar with puzzle games.  However, for Princess Maker fans, it's just yet another game with the Princess Maker name on it.  And for that very reason, I picked it up.  If you have played any of the above games, I can say that it plays a lot like Puzzle Arena Toshinden.  This doesn't say much, considering it's not that great of a game.  I do know of people who do like that game, so spare me the flames.  I like it too.  I also know of people who are huge puzzle fanatics and think games like this and Puzzle Arena Toshinden give a bad name to the whole puzzle / puyo puyo game genre.  However, I digress...

There are several different modes in this game.  5 in fact.  Story mode is the most fun though.  You have a choice of the 3 daughters from the previous games - Maria, Olive, or Lisa.  You will be challenged by an elaborate amount of characters from all three games.  Your competators could be Chiya - the intelligent school rival from 3, or even Anita - the combat rival from 2.  It's really scary when you're playing a character like Olive and Chiya will be like "Hey, are you a transfer student?  C'mon!  We have a test!"  And Olive will be like "Eh?  What are you talking about?" and suddenly you're in the middle of this puzzle battle.  It's amusing, to say the least.  The voice work for the game is one of the saving graces, next to the beautiful opening sequence. Click here to watch the opening in .rm format.

Characters you can encounter in the game and what game they're from.

Anita Cassandra - Fighter Rival from Princess Maker 2
Wendy Lachises - Magical Rival from Princess Maker 2
Patricia Hearn - Dance Rival from Princess Maker 2
Marthia Shareweare - Cooking Rival from Princess Maker 2
Yousei no Jouou - Queen of the Faeries from Princess Maker 3
Mogura Ouji - Mole Prince from Princess Maker 3
Ket Shi - Ket Shi from Princess Maker 2.  He sometimes says "I'm the Fairy, Ket Shi!"
Shirabii Barukuso - Someone from Princess Maker 1
Ariel - Kendo Rival from Princess Maker 3
Chamii - Dance Rival from Princess Maker 3
Hamingu - Musical Rival from Princess Maker 3
Chiyaa - Intelligent / School Rival from Princess Maker 3
Ouji - The Prince from Princess Maker 3
Dragon Youth - The Dragon Youth from Princess Maker 2
Ice Ball - Enemy to all, the elusive Ice Ball from Princess Maker 2's Glacier Area.
Uzu - Your Faery friend from Princess Maker 3.  I had to specially unlock her.
??? - There are some unknown characters I have yet to unlock.

          This game is available for the Playstation system and the price is 4,800 Yen.  It is also Dual Shock compatible.  It will rumble on certain commands, and you can use the analog controller part for moving your little puzzle pieces about, which is completely pointless.  Kind of like the Analog capability in Dance Dance Revolution 2.  I just don't see the point other than to throw you off when accidently missing, but anyway.  The point of the game is simple.  Match up the colors at least to combine 4 of the same color.  When the you get a chain of 1 of the color or more (You get bonuses for more than one chain in a row), the Ice Balls will fall onto the enemies side.  Vice Versa applies when they get a good chain and it will fall onto you.  I will go into more detail later, I'm sure.  This game isn't that hard to figure out.  If you REALLY want it, and appreciate mediocre puzzle games, this is the one for you.

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