The Music of Princess Maker
           Most game companies release musical BGM type cd's of their popular games.  Our luck is with us with the discovery of the Princess Maker 2 and 3 Soundtracks.  While traveling through my local chinatown mall, I found them in SM format.  Mind you, SonMay format isn't my perferred, I'd rather find the legitamate cds and so forth, but to find them at all in my city was luck alone.  Here are the track listings and what you should expect to listen for.

Princess Maker 2 Soundtrack
My impression of the soundtrack was that I liked it a lot.   I liked it a lot more than the PC game music.  From what I understand, this soundtrack is for the Sega Saturn version of the game, and so it's a bit more elaborate than the original soundtrack that I know and love.  What to expect is just hipper, spiffed up versions of the original music.

1. Opening
2. Princess Maker 2
3. Angel Of The City
4. Go Through The Mill
5. Battle
6. Training In A Job
7. Vacation
8. The Tournament
9. Fight It Out
10. Kitchen
11. When A Dream Comes True
12. Parting Glass

Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True Soundtrack
This soundtrack is more like the version I played, which was the Sega Saturn version.  The bonus part of this one, is the collection of drama tracks listed (episode 1, episode 2, etc).  The Translations are listed next to it, or as best as I can translate.  I'm sorry, I'm not a Japanese major so they may be a little off @_@.  Otherwise, I loved the soundtrack :)  This week, due to my lack of keeping up on things, I've added a whole 3 songs!  Oooh!  They're small though, so it's really no big whoop.  Enjoy!

*PMD Tracks*
1. Yume Miru Yousei (Main Theme) - Faery Dreams come True
2. ARUBAITO - Part-Time Job
3. Obenkyou - Study
4. TESUTO - Test

*Original PS Tracks + Stories *
5. PUROROOGU - Prologue
6. PUROFIIRU  - Profile
7. Yume Miru Yousei (main theme)
8. episode 1
9. ARUBAITO - Part-Time Job
10. Shizu you - Nurture Quietly or maybe Quiet Nurturing
11. BAKANSU - Vacation
12. episode 2
13. Obenkyo - Study
14. Byouki - Illness
15. Jiyuu koudou - Free behavior
16. episode 3.
17. TESUTO - Test
18. Shiai - Contest/Match
19. DANSU no TESUTO - Dance Test
20. Ongaku no TESUTO - Music Test
21. Ogyougi yoku - Excellent Manners
22. ROMANTEKKU - Romantic
23. episode 4
24. kitai - Anticipation
25. fuan - Uneasiness
26. omoi - Thoughts
27. Yume Miru Yousei (orchestral style)
28. Yume Miru Yousei (finale)
29. Yume Miru Yousei (brass band style)

* PMD Tracks *
30. Shiai - Contest/Match
31. Jiyuu koudou - Free behavior
32. Fuan - Uneasiness
33. Yume Miru Yousei (finale)

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