The Princess Maker Collection
      I'm pretty sure you're thinking, wow, there are more 3 Princess Maker games?  As a bored and rather avid fan of the series, I decided to do a bit of research and I've come up with the following information.
Princess Maker 1
      This game is the first of the Trilogy of games.  DOS/V (Japanese DOS) game, and I've seen a Chinese version lurking about.  Your daughter is named Maria  (The default name, as mentioned in Princess Maker 3), and was a war orphan you decided to take in and raise as your own.  Close to all the Princess Maker games where you raise a child from age 10-18,  it is closer to Princess Maker 2 in gameplay than 3.

Princess Maker 2
      The obvious most known game out of the collection, it also started as a DOS/V game, and was picked up by a company that translated and put out a beta at some point, but never fully released the game to the US/Canada/English market (unfortunately).  The premise is you are a hero to the land, and have to raise a child bestowed upon you from the gods as your own from ages 10-18.  The default name for your daughter is Olive Oyl  (As found as a trick in PM2, and later confirmed by Princess Maker 3), and you can find out more about it from the main page :)

Princess Maker: Legend of  Another World
      This is a SuperFamicom (Super Nintendo, basically) version of the game released in Japan several years ago.  It plays very similar to Princess Maker 2, and throws off the whole idea of a Trilogy out of gear, considering this is between 2 and 3.  It's a lot of fun, and the graphics are average.

Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True
     This game is the most recent out of the 'Raising a daughter' series.  Your daughter, a Faery turned Human, needs to be raised and such.  Unlike the first two games, there are many other factors in this one into how your daughters disposition will be.  Everything from the job you have, to what classes you give her.  There are more details about this on my Princess Maker 3 page.  Available now for the Playstation, Windows 95, and Sega Saturn.  Those versions are in Japanese.  Other language versions are Korean, Chinese, and I believe a French version is in the works.

Princess Maker: Go! Go! Princess
    Not having played this game, I can only go on what the pictures give me the impression of.  From what it is, there is an option to choose either of the 4 daughters from the games I mentioned above, and it is an RPG of sorts.


Princess Maker: Pocket Daisakusen (Big Strategy)
   A Princess Maker Puzzle game!  It's for Playstation (Japan), and you have a choice of playing either Maria, Olive, or Lisa.  It seems you play against characters (either Rivals or Gods, or whatever) from the 3 different games.  It's your typical puzzle game based off of a bunch of games just to make more money type of scenerio.  Release Date mentioned 7/30/98 so it should be available from your local import store.


Princess Maker Works
    Not really a game, but.... it's a Screen Saver collection of the 4 title games, and from what I could read, comes out in two different volumes for Windows 95.  Japanese again, but hey... if you're dedicated, you're dedicated.  This is currently in the works, no release date mentioned.

Princess Maker Q
   This is the most currently release in the Princess Maker collection.  These are times that I wish I could just go to Japan and buy software so I have honestly NO idea how it plays or any of that information.  So far, it's listed as being on IBM/MAC.  Price is 5,800 Yen.  So for about 55-60 bucks you could probably get this baby.  It's just a matter of finding the darn thing...

Princess Maker 4
      Egad, an actual Princess Maker 4?  Well, this baby isn't even released yet!  How about that for up to date information!  The rumor is that it's intended for Dreamcast (Maybe PC as well..).  It may be a completely different and new game, or it just might be a remake of Q?  Who really knows.  I hope to find out more about this game later.  Slotted for a July 2000 release date.  Keep an eye out for this one.

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