Your friendly rivals of Princess Maker 3
             For almost every class, your daughter will gain a rival (And maybe even a friend!) through her learning experiances.  Unlike Princess Maker 2 where Olive is determined and becomes stress free when a rival happens upon the scene, Lisa becomes upset and isn't very understanding as to WHY she is being challenged and a sudden rival for her classmate.  However many classes you manage to drag your daughter through is really all that determines what rivals she gets.  It's not likely she'd gain a rival for a class she'd only taken ONCE... she'd have to had gone to it at least a few times before gaining a rival ^_^;    Here is a list of the rival girls.

Chiya : School
Ariel : Fighting
Haming : Music
Akuron : Art
Chamie : Dance
Natera : Protocol
Haitaa : Cooking

      These are lame ass romanizations of what I think the names are.  Akuron could be "Akron" or something weird, so I'm not sure WHAT name she's trying to have.  But Ariel was easy, because it was "Arieru", and Ariel is a familiar name to me.  Determining what they are meaning and what it really is are two different things sometimes.  Oh well ^_^;
      There isn't a rival for dieting that I am aware of.... and why should there be? @_@;

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