Your Daughters Disposition

This could also be meant as her moods.  She starts out at the beginning of the game in a particular mood, and throughout the game her moods can drastically change from one to the other.  Here are those moods.  These terms are taken directly from a Princess Maker 3 artbook.  This is also very tricky - because if your daughter is in a different disposition than normal, the way work or school is affected IS different.  What I have listed for Work and Schooling *Only* applies if your daughter
has a normal disposition.  Otherwise, certain skills may go down or up because your daughter has a sassy disposition or another one of the many options.  Please keep this in mind and pay attention to what mood your daughter is in.

This is the best mood.  She is standing front face.  It could also be interpureted as "Happy".  This daughter will give you the most sincere answers.


Also could be translated as "Poverty Symptom".  She looks a bit stressed with a hand to her head.  She's always talking about money.  Usually this happens when you go deeply in debt/reach your credit limit.


This one was translated oddly to me before.  Pretty is the best interpretation.  She's generally looking very happy.  Way too happy.  Usually blushing.  It was also translated to me as "adult-like child".  Either way, she is TOO happy with this one, and it doesn't generally last very long.  She seems more distracted in this mood as well.


Also translated as conceited.  Her picture has her with her nose slightly up in the air, eyes closed.  She's very full of herself and she knows she's all that.  Usually if you have an uneven amount of stats.  This can easily be fixed by working a little or the Refuse Food Dojo.


This can be thought of as "rebellious".  She generally has her arms crossed, looking VERY angry at you.  She is more likely to not like a job and slack off in class with this personality.  Try your best to get her out of it as soon as possible.


This one is pretty easy to figure out.  Your daughter has had way too much stress in her life due to work or something Uzu had said and has gotten sick.  She will look like this, then go through several days or weeks of bedrest until her stress goes all the way down.  If you're lucky, your daughters' previous disposition will be gone and she will go to a normal disposition after the sickness has worn off.

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