Scheduling Options - Jobs and Schooling

             This is vaguely different from Princess Maker 2.  You have only 3 spaces to fill per 'Scheduling Period'.   I'll give you a quick rundown of what options you can choose for your daughter.

#1) The # of days in a time block       #2) The # of working days in a time block

Option 1)
Enrolling In Class
       a) Martial Arts
           1) Beginner
           2) Intermediate
           3) Advanced

       b) Knowledge School
           1) Beginner
           2) Intermediate
           3) Advanced

       c) Decorum School

       d) Martial Arts Training (Adventuring)

Option 2)
Apply For Work

       a) Inn
       b) Armory
       c) Church
       d) Maid
       e) Doctors Office
       f) Scribe
       g) Woodscutter
       h) Worker/Miner
       i) Cancel

Option 3)

Option 4)
Go On Vacation

Option 5)

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