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Throughout the game of Princess Maker 2 you will meet a plethora of people.  Even though putting everyone here would be *fun*  it'd take forever to load and be really idiotic because then, you really wouldn't have any point in playing the game on your own o.O  Okay.  Here I'm going to just list a few.


During the game, your daughter, depending on her skills and such will gain a rival by the age of 14.  Normally right after her birthdate.  Here are those four rivals now.
This girl is Anita Cassandra.  She has a really snotty personality and is just generally a bitch.  She is the rival for the fighters.  Although having a fighter type daughter is fun, she's also a hard one to beat.  Both fighting styled rivals ( Her and Wendy )  DO get better and become harder to defeat each Harvest Festival.  She works part time at the Armor and Weapon shop.
Wendy Lachesis.  She's a 'Magician Girl' who from what I can tell is the most polite rival of the 4.  She'll go after you if you have a high magical reputation.  She'll also want you to do the Combat Tournament for the Harvest Festival each October.  She works part time at the Pawn shop.  She's just a little too cheerful for my tastes.
Marthia Shareweare.  That's right,  according to a Takami Akai artbook and the Princess Maker Puzzle game, her name is SHAREWEARE.  Though, originally the last name wasn't really mentioned in this game.  She's the rival for girls with high houseworker reputation, and cooking skills.  If you work your daughter at  home a lot, and she wins at the cooking contest often, you're going to get this girl as your rival.  I really don't like her.  She says she's slow, and that she isn't good at anything but cooking... then why is it if you dance a lot you see her as one of the competitors?  Annoying girl o_o;;; She works part time at the Restaurant.
Patricia.   I do believe she has a last name, but why bother? She's so mean. (Actually, her last name is Hearn.  In Katakana it is interpureted as "Haan".  But as written in the art book, it's Hearn).  Her main 'thing' is to be the best at Dancing and the most popular girl.  I tend to think of this girl with a really stuck up Beverly Hills type accent.  She laughs a lot, which reminds me of Kodachi from Ranma 1/2 fame... or even Aeka from Tenchi Muyo o.o;;.  Still, scary girl none-the-less. I don't think she's worked a day in her life.  Occasionally you do see her in the Art class if you take that one.

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