Uzu, that damned annoying faery

In this picture, with your daughter is Uzu.  Uzu is your lovely companion through life, giving vital advice on how to raise your daughter through thick and thin.  The problem is, Uzu, unlike Cube from Princess Maker 2, is rather annoying.  Although He/She is polite, and all that sort of thing, sometimes Uzu will bust in with some comment that upsets your daughter and makes her stress go up, or some important statistic go down.  I thought the idea of Uzu was to help, but time and time again, Uzu has upset me in the parenting department too many times.  I guess I am being a bit too harsh, Uzu most likely helps on certain levels, and keeps your daughter humble at the same time.  I just don't particularly like it sometimes ^_^;

Config Menu   Here's a quickie translation for you
The game starts off really simple.  It usually will loop the opening sequence continuously until you actually click on something or press start.

Luckily, this menu is already in English.  Too bad the rest is in Japanese.

| Load Game | Config         |
| New Game  | Staff Credit |

In the PC version, Staff Credit is replaced with "Album".

I'm not a japanese major.  These will be very loosely translated, and may only get the jist of what it really means.  Hopefully it will get you through the game, or just don't mess with the configure menu :)

The Config menu translated:

Uzu will ask "Uhm, What changes would you like to make?" And it will bring
up a box with different options.  Here they are.

These vary from version to version.  I'll try my best to cover the bases.

PC Version:
 Save changes indicated
      Text Only
      Voices Only
      Text and Voices
 Game Advanced Mode
      Stop for a moment
      Progressivly Advance/to advance progressivly

 Fast Sending button action (Your guess is as good as mine, look at the
options below)
      Press only in intervals
      To Push one by one to change

Psx/Saturn versions:
 Save changes indicated
 Stereo / Mono
 Change screen brightness
 Game advanced mode
 Fast sending button action (Your guess is as good as mine)

When you save, the Faery Queen from the beginning will appear and state your progress is being saved, or where to save your progress.  We affectionately call her the 'ROM Faery'.

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