Going from the suggestion of a regular visitor (Schnitzelnator), I've decided to make the news section a bit more organized.  I've now turned the archives of older information (but always useful) to this page.  While the main page may not have a direct link to it, such as things like my Princess Maker Girls as Sims characters, or that eBay Auction rip-off article I did - You can always find the link on this section.  It's probably the best thing, since I'm now going to try updating more often.  Really.  I mean that.   The oldest will be at the bottom, along with current updates going above that.  Hopefully that will clear up any questions.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Princess Maker Panel @FanimeCon.  While the room was moderately small, I'll admit my surprise when more than 5 people showed up.  In fact, I do believe at some point we had a a semi-full to almost full room.  Color me shocked!  It wouldn't have been a great event if not for the wonderful Tim Trzepacz showing up to shed some light on the many tales that surround the Princess Maker 2 project.  All and all, it was a pretty entertaining thing.  It was a success.  Some things that were hinted at from Tim Trzepacz himself were plans to contact Gainax to see about working on getting the game still distributed (since the previous contract is now over).   Nothing too much yet, but here's hoping.

My PM crap display

Charm School
One of the posters on my forums created this lovely game called Charm School.  While this isn't a full review, it's a very interesting little play on the child-raising sims.  In this case, you take care of three young ladies in a school setting where you're more or less the teacher.  The artwork and graphics are simplistic, but it has it's charm and gets the job done.  I say go ahead and roam over to Hanako Games and give the demo a shot to see if you like it.  I'll formulate a full review later. ^_^

Recently I have purchased the original Princess Maker soundtrack on eBay.  This thing is incredibly rare, as I've only seen it one other time before.  The back titles are all written in Japanese, but once I'm finished I'll put the tracklist/etc over on the Princess Maker CD Information page.  This was most likely a soundtrack from the Turbo Duo/NEC Super CDrom version.  Still, great stuff.

For all you school bound fans, a new desktop!

1600 x 1200 | 1028 x 1024 | 800 x 600 | 640 x 480


Huzzah!  I am not dead!  At least, that's what I keep telling you.  I've fallen behind on both the Princess Maker page and my own webcomic.  I submitted a comic for the TokyoPop Rising Stars of Manga contest and didn't win, so that took a good chunk of my time last year.  The rest of the time I've basically been keeping myself busy with personal projects that unfortunately have nothing to do with the Princess Maker franchise.  I eagerly await for Princess Maker 4 (whenever Ninelives gets around to releasing it) and still attempt to let people know I still exist.  Speaking of which....

 * FanimeCon 2003 *
June 20 - 22
Santa Clara Convention Center
Princess Maker Discussion Panel - Sunday, 1pm

Not only will I be attending this convention, but someone actually gave me a fan panel for the discussion of all things Princess Maker like.  I'm going to attempt to bring my versions of the games (like a display, or something) and maybe some neato Princess Maker like stuff.  I'm stretching it, I realize.  I have a whole hour to talk about this game and I'm a bit a loss.  Either way, TPTB determined that I can have one, so I went for it.  I even may get Tim Trzepacz to show up.  That's a big maybe, but here's hoping.  There's also a rumor that Takami Akai may attend Fanime 2K3, but I haven't seen him listed as a Guest of Honor, so I'm thinking he may have cancelled since last I heard that information.  I guess we'll find out when we get there, huh?   Hope some of you can come out to it!  I have no idea what to talk about, but we'll figure it out.

Nothing to see here, really.  Been busy with other things.  Not anything too cool or special this month, but decided to at least let people know I'm not dead.  Here's the Melody version of the layout.  Huzzah.  Also to not seem like a completely lazy bastard, I have also added a "Where to find Princess Maker?" page.  It's just a list of stores you can purchase it from, not where to download it.  I don't support downloading of the games.  I wish people would realize that this is an information only site.  Especially for folks who do not understand Chinese/Korean/Japanese outright, my page is here to help those get through the games without intense knowledge of those languages.  Sheesh.  Moving along...

Yet another Guestbook Entry and my response. 


Friday 08/09/2002 11:20:07am 
Name: Silver_Net_Surfer
E-Mail:  N/A
Homepage  Title: the best browser
Homepage URL:  http://www.dogpile.com
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: USA
Comments: Your site is one of a hundred that raves about Princess Maker but gives the  same message over and over.. "So solly, download not here, try e-bay" Well friend, good luck with your site any way.   20+ pages of rave reviewing on a game not available ANYWHERE...sheesh
One of a hundred, huh?  Wow.  I thought Princess Maker pages were few and far between.  CALL ME SHOCKED!!1!1!  But seriously, I really wonder if you actually read my page or if you just skimmed and suddenly realized that, low and behold, I do not have any of the games for download.  Cry me a river or three.  I wonder if you, like Chun-Li, go to Final Fantasy fan sites and complain that they don't have the games available for download either.  Something tells me you don't.  Oh, and just to mention, I thought my website was written well enough not to resort to Engrish.  It's "Sorry", not "Solly".  I'm an american born and raised fan, but this is just a pure insult to those who aren't.  Oh, just for your sake, I created a whole new page to show you where you can BUY the games!  Though, it's nothing like a huge secret.  Anyone could have found this information with the right research.  Thanks for the tag to the guestbook.  My page is *not* a 20page review or rave, it's actually a strategy guide to help those people who have the game (in any language) how to play it without the aid of knowing that language exclusively, not to mention tips and tricks (depending on which game).  There's a huge difference between "English Language Strategy Guide" and "Review".  Thanks again, and here's your page.

Where to find the Princess Maker Games? 

- Nuriko

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Again, not really too much to update on.  Winter has now cleared and we're wandering into Spring, so I figured a lovely Spring layout would suffice.  Going with the chain of things, first one was Olive, second was Lisa, and now I have the daughter from Princess Maker (the original!), Maria in a layout.  Karen and Melody will get their versions, eventually ^.^;

Still stating because it hasn't happened yet -- Takami Akai, character designer and lead guy in the whole Princess Maker series, will be attending FanimeCON 2k2 this year.  He had previously attended FanimeCON 2K, so it's great to hear he'll be returning again.  Although I probably won't be having anything special happening about the fact that he's there, I'll probably attend the panel and take notes or even video tape the thing to post for the discussion for PM-Fans abroad. Important Japanese guests are cool. Read about it here.  FanimeCon is now later in the year on the lovely weekend of April 26-28th, 2002.  Which, if you notice, conflicts yet again with SakuraCon (for those of you keeping score).

Here we go with another Guestbook Entry response.  I just felt it needed to be addressed.

Wednesday 03/27/2002 9:44:33am
Name: Mafuyu C.
E-Mail: mafuyu978@yahoo.com.hk
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Hong Kong
Comments: I don't have a problem with standing by your opinion -- However, I find that calling people petty when your best retort is to make fun of their email address -- would suggest they are not the only ones on a high horse. At least one of the people you decided was worthy of humiliating on your site was polite and honest (despite poorly informed). Why not respond to them, without resorting to personal bashing? If you hate these people so much as to knock them, don't sink to their level.
Where to begin...

Well, for starters, I do agree with a lot of what you have to say.  This looks like it was in reference to the "Chun-Li" Guestbook Entry.  You see, the thing is, that person wasn't polite in the least.  They called me a hypocrite because I chose to follow the law.  They were particularly upset at an article, explaining what had happened in an "Auction Fraud" situation.  So it boils down to them attacking me on my own beliefs, because I personally choose not to have the game available for download on my site due to many laws which I actually referenced properly.  I had a choice, either let the person basically attack me for what I feel is morally right and not stand up to it, or to actually respond - to which I did in my own sarcastic, armed with legal references way to boot.  I never would expect them to come back to my website, as I'll never break the law for them to have a reason to return - and I actually got several emails with positive feedback to support my response to the person.  So, in that aspect, one personal attack deserves another, and taking a cheap shot at their service provider is one way to do it.  Seeing as you probably haven't had experience with American Online Customers, let me tell you, after doing ONE YEAR of technical support in actually explaining how to use 'The internet' to people who were formerly on AOL and felt any other service provider was "Too hard" to figure out, it somewhat bittered me toward them as a whole.  In fact, the ONLY emails I had ever received from people who could not figure out how to navigate through a website or download something that had very clearly written instructions were *all* from AOL.com addresses.  People change their screenames when they don't feel like having them anymore, not to mention hacking and spam is a huge problem when it comes to AOL addresses.  I've seen people who use AOL change theirs weekly because of stalkers or even the extreme case of pissing off someone who abuses the AOL system to screw them over.  I do agree that it was a low blow, but considering how much trouble I have had with either AOL users, or AOL abusing my friends who ARE users of their service, I also feel that it was justified.  I do, however, understand and respect your entry.  I don't delete things, I don't change them to private.  I also feel that people should understand my point of view on it as well.  I don't expect people to care or understand.  I could be completely irrational and say, "**** U N00B!" to every person who does not agree with me.  I don't.  If I respond, I do it in an open forum to show that...

A) I am not a computer, I am a human being.  I do this for fun, and when it comes down to some person who gets their jollys off by posting negative comments in a Guestbook because of something they can't even fully back up with either the law or a contract, it's not fun anymore.  I basically am demonstrating with those examples that I will _not_ be pushed around.

B) It works both ways, because it stops me from getting constantly asked about it.  While I still get the occasional email about where to get the game(s), the emails are very few and far between now.  And I usually just ignore those emails.  It's not my responsibility.

As I mentioned before, I completely respect and understand your Guestbook entry.  I am adult enough to admit that what I had responded with originally was in anger.  People get that way sometimes.  Just because you do not support it, there are those who did.  I'll just toss in some examples:

"HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!! by just reading your response commentairy to the person who flamed you, i just had to tag your guestbook and let you know what a great way with words you have, i hope you post more these up, they're very amusing =x"

"About the stupid person who e-mailed you and ranted about not putting the game for download, well he's quite a stupid person if he can't use a search engine to find what he wants ;-)  Stupid people are best igonered."

(Actually, the person was a she, but I digress)

"even though you may hide it behind bold words, flame can hurt. I want you to know that I love your site and that I'm staying behind you."

With that, I stand behind what I say and had said.  Some people may not agree, but I am strong enough not to back down to folks who bully others.  I think if I backed down, I would have been the hypocrite.  Ignoring things just makes it worse.  That's my opinion, and that's how I feel it is ^_^  Though, responding to something that happened almost a year ago seems a bit weird to me (Original Guestbook entry being referenced happened around the end of May, last year).  Thanks for dropping in. 

- Nuriko

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Well, I really don't have much to update this time.  However, I figured to be within the holiday spirit, I shall give everyone a lovely gift of Wallpaper!  Yes!  Here it is, for your enjoyment.

1600x1200  | 1280x1024  |  1024x768  |  800x600  |  640x480  |
Limited time only!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Not old news yet -- Takami Akai, character designer and lead guy in the whole Princess Maker series, will be attending FanimeCON 2k2 this year.  He had previously attended FanimeCON 2K, so it's great to hear he'll be returning again.  Although I probably won't be having anything special happening about the fact that he's there, I'll probably attend the panel and take notes or even video tape the thing to post for the discussion for PM-Fans abroad. Important Japanese guests are cool.  Read about it here.  FanimeCon is now later in the year on the lovely weekend of April 26-28th, 2002.  Which, if you notice, conflicts yet again with SakuraCon (for those of you keeping score).

New Poll is doing well.  Now if only I were rich and like... owned my own software distributing company.  That would be very helpful... but unfortunately I'm just a poor little Suzaku Seishi with a computer.  Boo hoo.

Speaking of the holiday season... I apologize for those who donated lovely pictures to my PM Nexus over the years.  I've decided to put all four of the images I have received.  You really do love me!  Even if I'm a sarcastic bastard ^_^;  Anywhos, three of these were from last year (I'm so sorry! for not posting them sooner!)  And the last one was a gratitude type image.  Everything is really great, and thank you!


Here is a lovely Image from Usa-chan.  She explained this one as, "As a Christmas
present I was gonna send you a picture of "Olive" Christmas style but it isn't done. ^^;;  Gomen! I will send it when I can!! So instead as a (er....late!) Christmas present I'm sending you a pic of a chibi Sailor Mars doing her Flame Sniper attack. I hope you like it."

However, Usa-chan actually finished the Olive-Holiday Style- and sent it to me!  Huzzah!  Here are her comments on it:  "I just feel since you've been able to provide me with hours of enjoyment and entertainment (probably when I was supposed to be doing my Biology homework *cough,cough* ^^;;) I oughta owe you something back! I finally finished the pic but it doesn't have a background. Gomen!! I'm SO lazy!! ^^;;"

And finally, one last one from Usa-chan!
"It's a chibi Olive celebrating the new year! I would be very honored if you actually chose to put one of my pics on your site!!!"

Thanks Usa-chan!  I'm sorry I'm a bit late as well.  Thanks again!  She is contactable at usachan@bishoujosenshi.com.

This one is a colored version of the drawing Takami Akai did for me at FanimeCon 2K.  It's pretty good!

They stated: "I've coloured a picture which Akai drew for you and I want to send it back to you. I'm not very good in painting but whatever level is. Don't judge it hardly it's only a gratitude to you :) Thank you one more and goodbye."

Thank you very much!  This is great stuff.  If anyone has anything else they'd want to donate.  Artwork, Etc, I'm all for it!  Viva La Vie Princess Maker... or something like that.


Yet another few months come and go, not much to update on considering the fact that I still don't have Princess Maker 4.  Sure, I think it's out there.  It may not be yet, I really have no clue. I'd like to get it as soon as possible.  Here we have website design #2, with the lovely Lisa in a winter world.  Had to keep up with the times, only a a few months of this a year I can do this and be fun and themed.  Yeah.  Anywhos, on with the mediocre news.

Amusing news for anime fans.  Takami Akai, character designer and lead guy in the whole Princess Maker series, will be attending FanimeCON 2k2 this year.  He had previously attended FanimeCON 2K, so it's great to hear he'll be returning again.  Although I probably won't be having anything special happening about the fact that he's there, I'll probably attend the panel and take notes or even video tape the thing to post for the PM-Fans abroad. Important Japanese guests are cool.  Read about it here.  FanimeCon is now later in the year on the lovely weekend of April 26-28th, 2002.  Which, if you notice, conflicts yet again with SakuraCon (for those of you keeping score).

New Poll, new question, new design.  I'm all full of surprises.  Don't be alarmed if I even update again before the end of the month ^.-  I may have a surprise for you folks yet.  Who knows.

Mmmm... more Guestbook fun.


Friday 10/26/2001 8:39:16pm

            Name: Danny Nguyen
          E-Mail:  Atl_vietboi@hotmail.com
  Homepage Title:
       Homepage URL:  http://
     Referred By:  Search Engine
      Comments:  hey why didn't u update ur site??? also who want to D/L princess maker e-mail me. i will give u a site to go and D/L!

Oh Suzaku, I can do so much with this one.   Well, Danny, I didn't know I had this obligation to update my site apparently every time you so decided to visit.  In fact, I was looking at my calender today and thinking "Gee, I wonder when this Danny fellow is going to return to my website, as I have updated once again!  Huzzah!"  But, I'm not really thinking that.  What I'm really thinking is really how poorly worded the sentance was.  I'd almost think you were sincere, wondering when my website would be updated again - but all it looks like is you're trying to make me look bad because I chose not to break the law in placing copywritten material up for download.  That's right.  You can quote me on that.  While I've already fought this battle in a previous Guestbook entry, it's always good to know that people will always think they're in the right for doing things such as "breaking laws" with their so 1337 hotmail dot com email address.  While I understand the actual point of your Guestbook entry, I can't think that this was left as a malicious way to say "Hey, since this person doesn't have PM for download, you can harass me!"  And I encourage you to harass this fellow.  He obviously wanted you to have his email address for the world to know, so that he can send you to a place that may or may not have the software for download.  But, he also may have something masquerading as the game for download when it's really a virus that will tear apart your computer from the inside out.  Who am I to judge though?   Honestly, if you trust complete strangers who can't even type out the word "your" or have proper punctuation, be my guest. 

Love Always, 

Saturday 09/22/2001 5:45:05pm

          Name:  mai-chan
          E-Mail: valen_46_r@yahoo.com
  Homepage Title:
  Homepage URL: http://
     Referred By: Just Surfed In
        Location:  Philippines
      Comments:  great site! but i really hope u can make the princess maker games downloadable in ur site. i was really looking for it but i cant find it, anyways, please! make it downloadable there in ur site. it'll really help. thanks a lot! hope u keep up the good work. bye! mai-chan

Why, Hello there mai-chan.  Thank you for visiting my website!  Unfortunately, I will never be able to make the Princess Maker games downloadable on my website.  Why, you ask?  Well, there's a law in America which honestly would get me, my webserver, and who knows who else in a great deal of trouble.  I might even lose my webpage.  Then no one would be able to know the information I have gathered about Princess Maker, because my webpage would be gone and I would be in jail for breaking the law. From what I understand, jail is not a friendly place at all.   I would rather just have an information only page for those people who have played the game, so then I can encourage those who haven't to go out and purchase the Princess Maker games to support this great collection.  I'm not sure what having the games would really help, other than having my chances of getting in trouble greatly increased. 

Thanks again!

And, just in case you were forgetting.  Legitimate proof that I am, indeed, evil.


Short, sweet, and to the point.  I have recently updated a bunchload of stuff for the website!  Huzzah!  Notice the pretty new layout!  I was busy this beautiful Monday.  I recently have aquired the Princess Maker Collection for Dreamcast.  What a beauty this game is.  It actually plays just like the PC/Windows 95 versions of PM2 and Pm3.  You can purchase it at National Console Support.  Just please remember that you still need to actually have a Dreamcast that can play Japanese games to play it.   Here's the pretty cover image of the game in case you ever look for it on your own:

DESPITE what it says on their website, it is INCORRECT.  Unless there is a way to 'unlock' Princess Maker 1, this collection is ONLY Princess Maker 2 and Princess Maker 3 and a fancy image gallery.  I'm not sure why their description dictates 1 and 2.  Rest assured that I have played the game and it's only 2 and 3.  Princess Maker Collection, Powered by Windows CE!

Secondly, and I know you all have been waiting for this... I have finished my Princess Maker: Legend of Another World FAQ!   Two huzzah's for me!  I uploaded it to GameFAQS earlier this morning, and they are now currently up..  Ironically, it's almost been a year since I submitted my first FAQ for Princess Maker 2.  Makes me nostalgic, or something.

In the meantime, I'm writing a little bit of a different kind of FAQ - This one concerning frequently asked questions in regards to this website.  I'll have that up when I get the time to write it, etc.

In other news, I've been attempting to keep up with my Cats On Mars thing.  I've purchased the best movie ever on DVD, Josie and the Pussycats!  And i've been randomly winning props for it on Ebay.  Oh, and I'm still writing fanfics.  I just haven't posted anything new.  Nothing too exciting, see :)


Well, as usual, I take forever to actually update any information.  I suck.  I sort of disappeared off the face of the earth.  I got lost in writing fanfiction.  Yeah, I know, of all things to get lost in.  Anyways.  I'm sorta back now.  I'll try my best to make sure the FAQ is the next thing to get done.  I know I've been saying that for months, but that's because I was actually waiting on my actual version of the game to arrive.  It did.  I'm happy now.  But that means I want to triple check everything.  To make everyone happy, though, I have uploaded some of the jobs and school info for Legend of Another World.  There you go.  I still love you all, really.

Well, if anyone actually clicks on my guestbook to view it - someone flamed me!  I was so happy, I even added my own response.  I think, however, it is worthy of the 'updated' section.  To be honest, it's shit like this that discourages me from updating or anything.  God, if you want a copy of the game, go somewhere else.  As it says in my disclaimer, this is an information site.   Here is that guestbook entry, for your entertainment and my evil response to go with it.  No touchie!

Even though it's been posted on this page forever... HERE is the interview I had with one of the driving forces behind the Princess Maker 2 English project. Read the Interview here!  I swear, if people would read that before calling me a hypocrite, they would understand that I am following THE LAW.

And finally... I've done a whole lot of nothing else.  I went to A-kon dressed as Kiyone from Tenchi Muyo.  I also will be attending Anime Expo as the same.  Say "Hi" or something if you go :)
Look!  Someone flamed me in my own guestbook!
Thursday 05/24/2001 0:06:28am
                 Name:  Chun-li
                 E-Mail:  GarnetHimeXVII@aol.com
        Homepage Title: Chun-li.org
         Homepage URL:  http://www.chun-li.org
            Referred By:  Search Engine
               Location: USA
                        Never have I seen such a hypocrite...you bought this thing on ebay, then you
                        say the guy who sold it to you is an ass...then you post it for download , only
                        to take it down again...but you put all over your site how cool the game is,
                        which just makes us want to play it more! According to law, an abandoned
                        game is considered freeware. This was never published or copyrighted by
                        gainax..what right do you have to say who can and cannot have this game?
                        Just because the creator doesn't want us to have it. That's silly and childish.
                        Unless he is backed by law to say he owns the rights to this english
                        translation, he has no say in who owns it, isn't that right?
                        Sorry to flame, but hypocrites make me angry.

Nuriko's commentary:

Thank you for your kind words.  Never have I been so honored to be called a hypocrite, especially coming from an AOL address.  I love you too.  You seem to be under the impression that I bought the thing on eBay as an actual buyer.  I was doing a service as a 'buyer beware' sort of feature.  Perhaps you had never wasted your money on something such as a burn of a game that can be 'considered abandonware'.  I was trying to prove a point that perhaps even the most innocent of folks would be fooled by the shitty auction that was conducted.  The person should have never been selling bootlegs if they didn't want to be up for the firing squad.

The version I had put on my website was one of the many versions that had been floating around the internet for years, not the one specifically from that cd.  I have had Princess Maker in English, Japanese, and Chinese - various versions of each for different consoles.  You cannot possibly think that the only reason I had it (which was an auction that went on, what, 6 months ago?) when my website has been established for nearly 3 years.

I had only put it on my website because I was under the false presumption that it was okay.  I was wrong.  I corrected this mistake and I personally choose *NOT* to be sued by Gainax.  Princess Maker *is* published in Japanese, therefore it is a copywritten product that can get your pants sued off if they chose to take legal action for distributing a bootleg/modified version of their product, whether or not was ever fully published in America.  If you bothered to actually read my website, or the interview that explained the legalities of it all, you can here.  And if you want an actual website citing the law of 'abandonware/freeware', you can go here.  It was very nice of you for saying that I was "rubbing it in everyones faces" of how good a game it was, but please get off your high horse.  I never, ever, claimed this was a website to obtain the game.  For 3+ years it has been used as an INFORMATION ONLY site, and now I intend to keep it that way from this point on.  I had provided it briefly, but stopped because I learned (perhaps you should too) that it is WRONG.  I'm no pirate.  I apologize that you are one of those petty types that believe if you mention a game you should have it available for download.  Maybe you should go and email every single Final Fantasy fansite to have them have the Playstation versions of games available for download, because you're too poor to go out and purchase an actual copy of the game. Oh wait, that would be ILLEGAL... well, then that leads into my final response to this - THIS IS NOT A WAREZ SITE!  THIS IS AN INFORMATION ONLY SITE PROVIDED BY MYSELF TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE WHO LIKE THE SERIES!  Kisses and hugs, Nuriko ^.-


Fanime has come and gone.  I picked up various Jet Set Radio stuff and got EXTREMELY sick of playing Dance Dance Revolution.  I love the game, but after playing it continuously for an entire day, one can really get sick of it.  Either way, I'm back, and I'm updating stuff galore!

While at FanimeCon, I got an interview with one of the driving forces behind the Princess Maker 2 English project.  Read the Interview here!  (I apologize, in my haste to upload I forgot to include the link!  It's there now)

I have put the Princess Maker: Legend of Another World FAQ on hold once again.  Not because I don't want to publish it, it's because I want to be 100% sure on it.  I recently purchased a tip guide for it, and I will be translating a bit of that before setting this up.  Look for big LOAW updates soon though.  It will be a huge improvement from what my site is now.

No updates on the Princess Maker 3 Virtual Desktop.  Been just too busy, but it's neato, right?  No comments so far on this one.

Finally added a counter to my not-associated-online COMic.

Speaking of online comics, recently MegaTokyo mentioned the game Princess Maker in their recent strip!  Shirt Guy Dom has given me permission to re-post the strip here, and totally give props to the MegaTokyo guys!  They rule, buy their stuff!

March 28th, 2001
FanimeCon 2001, here I come!  You will see a lack of activity and everything else in the next week due to me being out of town.  I'm visiting the wonderful bay area.  Not only will I be attending FanimeCon, but I also may be getting Princess Maker related interview for the site ^_^  I'll have more details once it's a done deal, but it's pretty much 99% confirmed at this point.  More details when I update next.

The internet is a vast and wonderful place... you never know what you're going to find when you type in your name (or psuedo name) and the subject of your webpage.  I found at least one lovely website who is ripping off my FAQs from Gamefaqs.com.  They didn't alter it at all, just stole it from it's location and placed it on their own server not to mention several other FAQs also from the GameFAQs community.  This is illegal, kids.  It's also very disrespectful.  I submitted to GameFAQs because it's one of the best resources for anything game related.  Yes, the message boards are just filled with oodles of fanboys at times, but also can be very insightful about a video game or question you may have about a game that you just do *not* know.  I've had costuming help for one of the characters I'm dressing as this con season.  If you're curious, it's Cube from Jet Grind Radio.  If you don't know who this is... go rent or buy a Dreamcast, if you already have one, go rent or buy this game!  It's so worth it.  Anyways, back to the subject at hand.  Don't steal from others.  If you wanna put something on your website, you *ask permission*.  It's not brain surgery, it's just common curtousy.  I don't get paid to do this, I get paid to work in a lovely building with lots of people doing something I just rather not be doing.  Just ask.  You might be surprised on the answer.

As always, if you actually attend FanimeCon (located this year in beautiful Santa Clara), don't hesitate to talk to me.  I'll be dressed as Cube from Jet Grind Radio, and probably will be on rollerblades a good portion of the con :)  If you're still confused, I do have a personal webpage with images.  It's not that hard to find out who I am.  I'm just lucky I have more friends than that one chick from The Net.  That, and that would never happen... along with the fact that I just run a tiny video game website and I don't have anything really important.

And, in my final note... say goodbye to the Geocities Download site.  It was fun while it lasted.  While only about 5000 people total actually might have been able to download it, I was emailed recently by one of the creators of the game to please take it down.  I know, it's a rare thing to be honest in this world.  People pirate software every day without even thinking about it.  In this case, it's not even a matter of 'paying for the software', it's a matter of legalities.  The truth is that the contract still isn't up, and with these pirate versions of the game floating around the net like they do, in some small way, partially ruined the chances for full success in America - I can believe that, but it was all mainly company issues.  I'll have the full story later.  Either way, it's gone.  Deal.  Out of respect to the contract, the person I was emailed by, and Gainax, I have taken it down.  I stress again how my site was not the only place to download it.  My site was the shittiest of the bunch - so in reality it's no loss.  If you wanna take a look at the site, I did screencaps of all the stats the page had gotten in it's existance.  I don't like lawsuits, and I don't like the idea of me or this fellow getting sued by Gainax (even in the slimist of possibilities).  Most people who visit here already have the game anyway.  I'm just going back to what I was originally: An information resource.

If you haven't checked it out yet, check out the Princess Maker 3 Virtual Desktop.  I know it sucks so far, but I'm working on making it better.

Another COMic is up, for those who follow it.

March 15th, 2001

Happy Ides of March everyone!  I know it has been a while since my last webpage update (at least a month).  I have absolutely nothing too new to report, so I'll just ramble on about things that have absolutely nothing to do with Princess Maker just to make you realize that I am not dead.   And maybe some to do with it PM.  You never know. 

Newly added: Princess Maker 3 Virtual Desktop.  I know.  This is in it's highly preliminary phase.  It's composed of images and image maps to fully demonstrate what Princess Maker 3 might be like if it were in english. Perhaps.  It's just me bored, with Photoshop and a little of my inactive translations (TM) to give people a small idea of what they may be doing, and what screens mean in a better perspective.  It's a step, even if it's not a full game.  It's just basic screens and early information.  You'll probably get to a point where you can't go further, which is how it's set up.  It's not fully interactive, and it's not finished either.  Probably won't be, it's just eye candy. 

You all pretty know of my Sim Skins obsession, well... I believe it did pay off, sort of. Thesims.com recently had a Sim Day contest in regards to the newest expansion, House Party.  I submitted one of my skins and I think it made it into the game.  Not sure.  He's in five of the screenshots for new expansion of the game, but Maxis assured me that if they use him in the final product, my name will be in the credits. If not?  Well, I still get a free copy of House Party.  I can live with that. :)  Pretty cool, regardless.  I'm part of video game history!  Kinda.

March 17th will be great, because I'm going to a 12 Volt Sex show.  They rule.  Me ranting about a local band that you probably will never see really sucks, but if you're in the California - Bay area, you actually can!  Here are their tour dates.  Most are 21+ places, but I say it's well worth the effort to check them out.  If you don't wanna bother with that, you can always check out the skins I made of them.  Muahahaha.  Rememeber, I really have no affiliation with 12 Volt Sex - I just really like the band and want to spread the word that they are awesome.  Check them out if you're in that neighborhood and old enough :)

12 Volt Sex Tourdates:
3/20 - Tues. - San Francisco
@ Paradise Lounge
(1501 Folsom Street)
w/ The Gun & Doll Show, De'Briah, Rika Shinoara 
$5.00, 21+, (12VS @ 9:30)

3/22 - Thurs. - Sacramento
@ Old Ironsides
(1901 10th Street)
w/ Plum, Infinite Martini
$6.00, 21+, 9:00pm

3/23 - Fri. - Arcata, CA
@ Cafe Tomo
(773 8th Street)
w/ The Cutters
$4.00, 21+, 9:00pm

3/24 - Sat. - Portland
@ Tonic Lounge
(3100 NE Sandy Boulevard)
w/ The American Girls
21+, 9:00pm

3/26 - Mon. - Seattle
@ Graceland
(109 Eastlake Ave. East)
w/ The Cock-Ups, Poseur
$5.00, 21+, 8:00pm (12VS at 10:00)

Back to the subject...
Princess Maker: Legend of Another World FAQ version 1.0 is really 9/10ths done.  I have to play the game once more to send it up, but I'm pretty much done with it.   I'll be adding website information to enhance the information provided in the FAQ.  In other words, pretty pictures most likely doctored up by Photoshop in my spare time.  We'll see how busy I get.

New COMic is up.  Though, probably not something kids should read.  I didn't write this one, I swear.  Parental disgression is advised.


February 11, 2001

I seriously had the intention of updatting this a lot more recently than this.  I'm pretty active on the BBS, but I haven't had anything new to add to this section.  I've been extremely busy these last few days.  I've been working on an anime music video for this upcoming anime convention season.  Two, actually.  Once they're actually completely done, I'll post a link if anyones interested.   In other words, everything but Princess Maker has been on my mind.  I am 3/4ths done with the Legend of Another World FAQ.  I do have to play through the game once more to get one last statistic.  I just haven't had time.

Yes, it's a sad day.  Sega has decided to stop creating console systems.  This may not mean much to those who stick to the PC side of things... but to those who know how solid the Sega hardware is, it's really something to be sad about.  Most of the Princess Maker games were first released on Sega consoles, and then released later on Playstation.  It was when Nine Lives took over the reigns of the PM name that PSX was a consideration (The puzzle game and Go Go Princess, to name two PM PSX only games).  Heck, even The Princess Maker Collection is slated to come out for Dreamcast.  Let's hope that this is still in consideration, in light of everything that has happened.  If not... well, there are 3 other major systems on the market.  We can hope and pray.

In the meantime... I've been celebrating my aquisition of a Playstation 2 console.  For those not aware of the whole shortage, PS2's are harder to come by than 4 leaf clovers.  I had the fortune of walking into a Walmart at the exact right time.  Lucky me!  Either way, I ended up with that game system.  Also I've been upset about how Marvel has really screwed up the mutant universe as I knew and loved.  Que lastima.  Meanwhile, I work on my online comic.  Word.

January 22, 2001

Changed the image map a bit to adjust it to look a little bit easier to navigate.  Some people don't really see the whole PM forum/BBS thing because it's way down here in text.   Same thing goes along with the Princess Maker 2 Download page.  Nothing really that spectacular added on.  I have been working really hard on the next GameFAQ, and I've been posting a bit on the bbs with questions and getting great suggestions (from all 5 of you). 

With that in mind, I have changed the poll!  Yes!  After how many months?  Well, enjoy and stuff.   Below will be the previous poll's results.  Not too many results, but it's always neat to see that people do occasionally vote.  More interactivity for all!

I've seen pictures of Princess Maker 3 for the Wonderswan Color.  Looks about the same as Princess Maker 3 for any of the other consoles, but it's neat because it's portable!  Too bad it's still only in Japanese.  Perhaps we can pray that Wonderswan makes it to US shores, and that because there are only so many games for the color system right now, they'll consider it to be translated and brought over.  We can only dream.   More to be added as the night progresses. 

January 11th, 2001

The Princess Maker 3 FAQ is up and about on GameFAQS, which means I'm now working hard on the next one.  What this means is that my actual information for the website will be changing shortly, as it will pertain to the remaining games I haven't done FAQS for.  While my PM2 section is extremely comprehensive, my PM1 and PM:Legend of Another World sections somewhat stink.  While I am aware that most people don't play those two games (As the poll results show), I would like to say that that I'd feel all happy and such when it has been completed and finished as a series whole. 

All this update really is means that yes, I do update somewhat regularly, just not with new information.  Hahaha. 

Since I've added the new -freebie- counter I've gotten over 1,000 hits!  Wow!  Thanks guys!  So why is it I only have 4 registered users on my PM Board?  ^^;

I hope everyone had a good holiday.  I'm extremely poor at the moment, so that means I just spend more time in front of the computer than usual.  This is what I have been working on.  My 12 Volt Sex Sims are looking mighty cool, and so are my Automatic Taxi Star ones.  Too bad I'm not quite done with them, but not that anyone would care because you probably have never heard of either group.  Long live local bands!  Support your local music scene!  VH1 was down here recently (January 6th) to film the two groups performing at a show I was at for a program called "Access Las Vegas", so they may more than local soon enough.  I can only hope.

December 31st 2000

Princess Maker 3 FAQ finally up and about on GameFAQS.com.  Only my second GameFAQ and it was thrown on the main page once again.  Only for one day, though.  That Princess Maker 2 FAQ was up for nearly a week after I posted it.  However, at least it's now posted and I can start work on the next FAQ.  Not sure which game it will be on, but it will be done in less than 4 months, I just got tied up.  Sorry about that.    What I realized was that my webpages were completely wrong.  I felt bad, especially for all the EXTREMELY WRONG information I had on my webpages.  I understand that it is my job to make sure that all the information I have is correct.  I just didn't realize how many shortcuts I took when originally building that first PM3 page.  Of course, it took me to write a FAQ to realize it.  It's only in version 1.01, so I'll be working on more information that I missed out on soon enough.   I even added new images on the webpages, and an explaination of her moods. 

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope the new millenium treats everyone great.  It's only once in 1000 years we get this opportunity.  We're lucky to be around to witness this!  But to me... it's just another day.

Huzzah!  Out of what I would like to call... something random, I've created an EZBoard for this webpage.  We can all now discuss our daughters, or ask random questions or whatever a lot easier (Since I'm really bad about returning Email).  The URL is as follows:

Go ahead and connect to it. If you've already got a GlobalEZboard account, then that's cool and you can use it, or you can create a new one with a name just for that one.  It's that simple ^_^;  I am, of course, Nuriko on the board.

A funny story: December 29th 2000

I would like to say at the beginning of this, that I am a very lucky person.  Should this happen to you, ever, I hope your luck is as good as mine. 

I want to get into mesh editing for characters from The Sims.  I thought it would be a lot of fun to customize that game to do this.  I downloaded a few programs that were endorsed by many Skin creators to get the job done.  Here is my tale of what transpired afterwards.

My friend came over the next day, and we were playing a game (Not The Sims) on my system.  The game crashed.  This is fine, apparently this game crashes often.  However... when I rebooted my system it was telling me this:

VMM32.VXD is missing and is needed to load Windows.  This obviously is VERY bad.  I look for some old backups, and was able to boot using a bootdisk and found a cd.  Copied over the file fine.  Went back to load... this time it's missing about 30+ files, mostly all .VXD or other very important files needed to load Windows.  My system is completely HOSED.  That's right.  When this happens, usually a person would generally call their computer manufacterer and whine to tech support about the immense fuck up that had occured.  The tech guy would just say "format C: and reinstall windows" and help that poor soul who royaly fucked over their computer due to one or two programs that didn't like each other.  I, unfortunately, AM my system manufacterer.  I built this baby with my bare hands from the ground up, using donated parts from friends.  I have no one to complain to by myself.  I was not panicking, which is really odd -- Usually when something of this magnatude happens to me, I'm a complete wreck.  I whine in a very high pitched voice and I call my techie friends.  However, this was about 3:30am and my friends have normal hours.  I was alone on this... and I actually did it right!  The rest of this may sound like techie jargon, but it's still a fun story regardless.

When I booted using the boot disk, I tried to copy the files over.  Unfortunately one of the key things that makes sure simple DOS commands such as "COPY" work properly must have also been corrupted.  This basically wastes my time for about a half hour before I realize that everything I had tried to copy was not working.  It looked like it was, but the file wasn't named correctly and was like... meshed into this huge file that was what the destination folder was supposed to be.  Oh well.  My last mail backup was on 12-12... I'd only lose about 12 or so days worth.  However, my ICQ information and my *alternative* email account mail client had not been backed up in some time.  I always think about doing it every month, but I get lazy and forget.  At this point, I just say "Fuck it" and put in the Windows 98 CDRom.  My intention at this point is to reinstall Windows without formatting, salvage what I can, then format-reinstall.  My system was not stable, but I had a great deal of images and text files I wanted to keep and I felt this would be the best way to attempt to copy. 

I run "Setup" and then Windows 98 proceeds to tell me that I can't install Windows 98, as it's already installed.  Well /duh/, I knew that!  It tells me I need an upgrade disk.  Lucky me, I also happened to have a Windows 98 Upgrade Disk laying around.  I put it in, and it actually installs.  I try to boot up (Windows is about to run for the very first time!), but it now tells me that a file is still missing that is properly needed to run windows and I need to reinstall.  I push Reset --- Boot the System into SAFE MODE --- and wow... all my icons are still there, and all my files are still in existance.  I copy everything I need over to my E: Drive --- shutdown --- boot to floppy -- Format C: --- Put in Windows 98 installation disk and now my system is back to the same way it was earlier that day, but without half as much crap installed.  I, in fact, didn't lose a damn thing out of this entire process.  I could have, but I was lucky.

What does this mean for you?  Absolutely nothing.  All my web pages and information are hosted on a server in a completely different state, not to mention the files on my computer are stored on the second partition of the hard drive.  I just found this to be a really weird... weird story.  My only suggestion to people out there who fear their system may implode at any moment -- BACK UP REGULARLY --.   I know, it's a very odd thing to say.  If you have email you really never want to lose, put the data information on a different hard drive than your main operating system.  Do it weekly or monthly.  I have email that goes back to 1997.  I back up more often than most of my friends, because when my system starts to give me shit, the best thing to do is to just start with a clean slate.  When I first started on the internet, I downloaded all sorts of shitty programs that bogged down my system and crashed it constantly.  It could have been just Windows 95, or it could have been bad programs.  Either way, I always backed up my extremely important files to CD and then restarted fresh, installing only what I need to make me happy (Photoshop, Netscape, ICQ, Winzip, etc.  Yes, Photoshop is, in fact, the second thing I install after I install Netscape.  I use it more than once a day, on occasion.), and go on with life.  If people actually used common sense and backed up regularly, Tech Support would only be for the people who really fucked up their system.  This is why viruses get out of control and ruin complete companies, because no one thinks to back up the IMPORTANT stuff to them and suddenly they're the victim due to common sense not being their key feature.  You live and learn.  I learned that even though I copied everything I needed... I forgot to save my AIM buddy list!  Bah, oh well, just use the October backup-version.  I'm only missing like... 6 people.  I feel that this was the least of my worries.  I'm fine now, thanks.

December 24th 2000

I've added this loverly News Archive section, so that there's not so much to scroll through on this main page anymore.  I'm still down with the flu, but that gives me time to play around with this new design a bit.  I'm still working on a few more ideas with interaction on the website, so keep your eyes open. 

Most of you may know this, but it has been confirmed that there will be a "Princess Maker Collection" released for the Japanese Dreamcast slated for early 2001.  What does that mean for you?  Well, the rumor has it that it will be Princess Maker 1, Princess Maker 2, and Princess Maker 3: Yume Miru Yousei bundled together on either one or two disks (Not quite sure on that one) as a Limited Edition sort of deal.  If you know much about how the Japanese like to do these Limited Edition things - Check out the Love Hina LE: That sucker is about  3 feet tall and a foot and a half across (This is the box for it, with all the goodies included), so this may be something to keep an eye out for if you've got Japanese sources.  The IGN information I was getting this from stated it's Princess Maker 1+2.  There was an image of 1 included.  Then, when they did a later update and included screenshots, there were a mess from three and two from PM2.  What does this mean?  We can only guess it's all three at this point, and the IGN reviewer isn't too adept at PM information.  Or it may only be two and three.  Either way, we can keep guessing until the set comes out.  I plan on modding my Dreamcast *just* for this alone.  I would suggest a responsible and reliable source such as http://www.ncsx.com for such a task.  The Dreamcast has a spectacular selection of games available in Japan and America right now, and I suggest looking into this if you're a big gamer.

For resources on this little bulletin, here are the links to IGN's articles pertaining to what I mentioned.
Gen-X Announces Princess Maker Collection - October 17, 2000

First Shots: Princess Maker on Dreamcast - October 24, 2000

Princess Maker Collection Pushed Back - December 5, 2000

The oldest: Princess Maker on Dreamcast? - December 6, 1999

The followup to the oldest article: New Information on Princess Maker 4 - December 7, 1999

Here's that picture of Maria from IGN's website, along with the comment the reviewer put below her.

Studies show that still frames of women grabbing their breasts sell systems.

Random Comment: I always find it amusing that the Gainax website has it's own little tab just for Princess Maker.  It makes me feel that PM is one of those things they made their mark in with the software world, and that PM will never be forgotten.  Their English site is very comprehensive, and also mentioned that the FLCL DVD's will have English closed captioning/subtitles option.  That's awfully nice of them.

December 18th, 2000

Created this news archive page!  Huzzah!  Now you can see all the updates as they happen systematically.

I'm still down with the flu, but that gives me time to play around with the idea of a new web design.  I've currently settled on this.  I've got a few more ideas in interaction with the website, so keep your eyes open.  Still considering a new poll and I have a few more interesting ideas I'll throw out in the next few days.  In the meantime, I'm going to go to the doctor. ;p Again.

December 16th, 2000

Redesigned the webpage, still fighting the flu and missing lots of work because of it.  Went to a 12 Volt Sex concert and had fun.  Oh, wait, that has nothing to do with the webpage ;p  Anyways, I did it mostly with image maps but hope to one day have a grasp on something more sophisticated... like flash.  You never know ^_^;

Everything Else from before the 16th ---

Maison-Otaku had moved.  Huzzah!  Yes, it was time for a change, and the server administrator took that opportunity and moved things around.  What happened to us, however, was a few directory changes and things moved around.  The most recent update had been lost, so I am leaving it on the left side for those who missed it.  I'm working on getting things fixed, but currently the most interesting problem is that it doesn't directly put someone into the directory, but it actually showed people that html directory and a logs directory.  Either way, it looks messy.  Also what we lost was the counter.  It gives an error, and I'm not sure how to completely fix that.  So I'm keeping the broken counter there, for when I do have the counter, it will appear once again like a sign from the heavens that everything has been fixed.

Random statements of progress

I've recently come down with the flu, so I haven't answered any emails and I've kept myself from the computer a lot lately.  It really sucks, but it's something that happens.  I'm actually still working on the Princess Maker 3 FAQ, and I'm working on something a little extra for the website.  Not going to let you know quite yet what it is, but it's about halfway done.  Hopefully it'll transfer over well.  I'm thinking of adding a new poll.  Any thoughts?  I've also got a few other ideas in mind.  Let me know what you think.

Updated the Princess Maker 2 Site.  I realize that it needed a complete revamp.  The sucker looked ugly being done in all Comic Sans... so I've fixed that.  Added some colors and such to the fonts in that zone.  It's not anything exciting, but it is easier on the eyes.
Recent but always good information - I have been informed that the english translation of Princess Maker 2 is now considered abandonware/freeware.  This is the ONLY program I will list as being available to download.  Princess Maker 1 was never put into english or distributed as freeware.  It's the same with Princess Maker 3.  Princess Maker 3 is also HUGE, and can only be run if the CDRom is in the drive.  I'm sorry, but I do not have that kind of webspace available AND it is illegal.  I will work on trying to find a solution for those who enjoy the games and want to own them (such as trying to find a source or distributor to purchase the games for sale, like through an auction of sorts), but for the most part I do not have the money to devote to it.  I'm just a fan, as this is a fan created site to provide information on how you can play the games without a full knowledge of Japanese.  You can attempt to download it here.  Click here to go there ^_^
ebay -

Okay, this is rather amusing to me, probably because I knew that people would get burned by the entire experience.  A seller on Ebay was selling Princess Maker 2 for the PC in English.  I decided to waste $20 on the experience and see what I would get.  Read my full review here.  I'm very sarcastic throughout the entire thing, so be warned.  I went into the experience with a full knowledge that I would get burned - However, others who went in on it thought they would be getting real versions.  Before you buy a video game on ANY auction website, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING!  It is very important, or you will end up with a burn or some sort of taiwanese knock off.  I suggest this to anyone who relies on the almighty power of the auction to get hard to find import games.

I have finally finished my first FAQ/Strategy Guide!  It was published on GameFAQS.com.  I'm very proud of myself because not only did it actually get published, but it was up on t he "New and Noteworthy" page for more than a day ^_^.  Check out http://www.gamefaqs.com and look up Princess Maker 2.  You will find my FAQ (By Nuriko).  I'm hoping to finish more soon!
Now, on a completely DIFFERENT note...

I've found myself in love with the PC game, The Sims.  With this sick love, I have created Maria, Olive and Lisa as Sims!  Fear me!  Click here to go to that page.

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