Your Daughters Jobs

First off, when your daughter is 10 it gives you initially 5 jobs for her to work. Unfortunately, as with school, EVERYTHING accumulates stress.  More so in the work environment than in a schooling one.  The higher end the job, the more stressful.  It also all determines on how good she is at it, etc, and how much it pays.  If it's a really high paying job, there may be a lot of stress involved.  As most people also discover, she only gets paid if she does GOOD that day.  She won't get paid that day if she sucks.  Another note, if she works the job a LOT, she does accumulate raises over a long period of time.  It could be a raise of 1 gold to more, depending on the start pay of the job initially.  If you work her at somewhere too often, she may even take up working there as her profession!  All the pay listed here is starting pay.  You can work on getting her raises on your own.

Housework - 0G per day
     That's right kids!  You don't get paid to do housework with Raphael!
Adds To:  Temperament, Cooking, and Cooking and Cleaning Takes Away:  Sensitivity

Church - 1G per day
Adds To: Faith, Morals Takes Away: Sin

Tailor - 4G per day
Adds To: Conversation, Temperment, Refinement, and Sensitivity. Takes Away: Combat Skill

Farm - 10G per day
Adds To: Strength/Constitution, Muscle Strength Takes Away: Refinement

Restaurant - 8G per day
Adds To: Cooking and Sensitivity Takes Away: Combat Skill

Now, once your daughter hits 11, she can now work at 1 new establishment

Salon - 20G per day
Adds To: Sensitivity and Conversation Takes Away: Muscle Strength

At her 12th birthday, she's granted with the ability to work for 1 more place.

Masonry - 18G per day
Adds to: Strength/Constitution and  Muscle Strength Takes Away:  Conversation and Refinement

Once she hits 13, she only is given 1 new job to go to.

Graveyard - 8G per day
Adds To: Magical Defense, Sensitivity. Takes Away: Charisma 

On her 14th Birthday, she's given 1 more choices of employment.

Dancing Girl - 12G per day
Adds To: Sex Appeal/Charisma Takes Away: Intelligence and Temperment

On her 15th birthday, you get two loverly new jobs for your daughter to choose from.

Tutor - 20G per day
Adds To: Morals Takes Away: Charisma

Circus of the Sword Fighting Men - 45G per day
Adds To: Combat Skill and Sin Takes Away: Temperment, Refinement and Morals.

And finally on her 16th birthday, she is gifted with one final job she can work.

Palace hall of Pleasure - 35G per day
Adds To: Charisma, Sin Takes Away: Intelligence, Temperament, and Refinement

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