Jobs and the like

Okay okay, regardless of the fact you're this kick ass hero guy, you have to send your 10+ year old daughter out to work for the money in the household.  How idiotic is that?  Anyway, just like school, the jobs do nifty or bad stuff to your daughter as well.  I'm not going to post pictures here, I've posted enough in the school and castle sections.  If you'd like to see a picture of a job, email me and I'll get it over to you.

First off, when your daughter is 10 it gives you initially 6 jobs for her to work. Unfortunately, as with school, EVERYTHING accumulates stress.  More so in the work environment than in a schooling one.  The higher end the job, the more stressful.  It also all determines on how good she is at it, etc, and how much it pays.  If it's a really high paying job, there may be a lot of stress involved.  As most people also discover, she only gets paid if she does GOOD that day.  She won't get paid that day if she sucks.  Another note, if she works the job a LOT, she does accumulate raises over a long period of time.  It could be a raise of 1 gold to more, depending on the start pay of the job initially.  If you work her at somewhere too often, she may even take up working there as her profession!  All the pay listed here is starting pay.  You can work on getting her raises on your own.

Housework - 0G per day
     That's right kids!  You don't get paid to do housework with Cube!  However, this is the only way to raise Temperament.
Adds To:  Temperament, Cooking, and Cleaning Takes Away:  Sensitivity

Babysitting - 4G per day
Just like every 10 year old girl, you too can make your daughter babysit children only 5 years younger than her o.o;; Regardless of the irony in that, this helps secretly work on maternal instinct (which isn't in the power meter )
Adds To:  Sensitivity Takes Away: Charisma

Inn - 8G per day
The inn helps your child learn more and more about the joys of working in the housework type environment.
Adds To: Cleaning Takes Away: Combat Skill

Farm - 10G per day
I wanna be a cowboy!  And you can be my cowgirl! o/~   Anywhos, the farm is a low level job for any young girl.. right? x.x  This is the 1200's.
Adds To: Constitution, Strength Takes Away: Refinement

Church - 1G per day
Church going could never be so fun o.o;;;;   You too can teach your daughter to be a Nun a long with the best of them.  This is the best place to work off sin, unless you have the money to donate to the Church in the normal town area... which is 100gold per every -10 sin.
Adds To: Faith, Morals Takes Away: Sin

Restaurant - 8G per day
It's a job for a  housemaker type child.  If you wanna go toward that path, then by all means, this is the job for your child.
Adds To: Cooking Takes Away: Combat Skill

Now, once your daughter hits 11, she can now work at 2 new places.

Lumberjack - 12G per day
I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay! o/~    My friend had a daughter that couldn't do anything BUT be a Lumberjack.  It's not that bad of a job, and pays a decent amount for work.
Adds To: Strength Takes Away:  Refinement

Salon - 20G per day
Yes,  your girl can be a good little girl and get really good at being a hairdresser at the local salon.  It's defiantly a job for the weak and artistic type.
Adds To: Sensitivity Takes Away: Strength

At her 12th birthday, she's granted with the ability to work for 2 more places.

Masonry - 18G per day
I just can't think of anything witty to say for this job.  You're a mason! Deal!
Adds to: Constitution Takes Away: Charisma

Hunter - 8G per day
I don't know about you, but I always pictured my kid wanting to carry around dead animals for her 12th birthday o.o;;
Adds To: Constitution, Sin, Combat Skill Takes Away: Refinement

Once she hits 13, she only is given 1 new job to go to.

Graveyard - 8G per day
She's working in a graveyard.... you just can't comprehend the joy.
Adds To: Magical Defense, Sensitivity. Takes Away: Charisma 

On her 14th Birthday, she's given 2 more choices of employment.

Tutor - 20G per day
Okay, I can understand Tutoring young kids at the age of 14.  It especially helps if she has a decent intelligence, and some morals.
Adds To: Morals Takes Away: Charisma

Bar - 12G per day
Woo... working at a bar when she's 14 ... just... wow.  One of the main and probably only reasons for her to be working at the Bar at all would be is that it pays all right, PLUS it's the only way for her to gain Conversation skills.
Adds To: Cooking, Conversation Takes Away: Intelligence

On her 15th birthday, you can almost start corrupting her o.o;;  This is when you're given one new job.

Sleazy Bar - 45G per day
Yes,  if you wanted to create that S & M Queen for a daughter? Here's your chance.  This is a highly stressful job that... scares me just the slightest.  Even though the payment seems like a good idea at the time when you're hardup for cash, is corrupting her really that important?  Besides,  she's only 15 ;_;
Adds To: Charisma, Sin Takes Away: Morals, Faith, Temperament

And finally on her 16th birthday, she is gifted with one final job she can work.

Cabaret - 35G per day
One, singular sensation every little step she makes... o/~  Okay, not quite.  This job is almost as bad as the Sleazy Bar.  I've heard ( But have not done myself ) that if you work her at the Cabaret often, she will move up from being a waitress type to one of the dancers.
Adds To: Charisma, Sin Takes Away: Intelligence, Temperament, and Refinement

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