Princess Maker Image Gallery and Book evaluation

            This is my Princess Maker Image Gallery.  I decided to separate this from my regular Anime Gallery due to the fact that it's becoming so big!   I had gotten several Princess Maker art books recently, and so in doing this I wanted to share all the neat images that you can witness with these great books.   I will list all the information needed to getting these books.  I won't have any links, you'll have to do the footwork in actually FINDING them though.  Please give this page a long moment to load, as it is trying to load all those wonderful thumbnails associated with them.  And please do not use these for your webpage, as is I did a lot of work scanning every single image in.  That's all.  Thanks.

Princess Maker Collection    Price 2000Yen
ISBN 4-88317-615-0  C0076  P2000E
            This is a book with a great deal of information for Princess Maker 1 and 2.   This has maps,  rivals, every single character possibly in both games.  Not all have images, but there is a great deal of pictures that I hadn't seen.    There's a small interview with Takami Akai.  The pages alternate between color images and black and white stat pages.

Princess Maker Yume Miru Yousei   Price 2200Yen
ISBN 4-7973-0611-4  C0076
            This has everything and ANYTHING about Princess Maker 3.  It is a very large, thick book put out by Ninelives and Softbank.  An illustration gallery, vacation pictures, endings, character pictures and some early character design pictures.  Neat in depth information about Takami and the Ninelives team coming together to make Princess Maker 3.  All and all, a really neat book.  Not as much as telling you how to get what endings (Unlike the previous book), but it's a visually pretty book.

Princess Maker Illustrations Gallery  Price 1400Yen
ISBN 4-88199-494-8  C9476
             This is actually a really nice, small book.  It has the same images of the previous Princess Maker 3 book, but has some developmental art at the end, plus a two page layout with a lot of the Princess Maker 3 merchandise available.   I believe it's put out by some other company, and not really part of the whole collection of books.  It looks like it was made by a game magazine.

YOHKI na MUSUME-SAN   Price 3800Yen
No available ISBN.
             This is probably the best of the books, most likely because of the rarity of the book.  I found this at Fanime2K.  It is billed as "A collection of Takami Akai's illustrations".   Because of the lack of ISBN number, it's hard to really know what the value of this book is.  It's really a great book!  Lots of pictures.  It's put out by Gainax.

And now, ON for the show!
Nice image of Maria.  Same image as that is on the cover of the DOS game
Very beautiful image of Maria in a dress.
Nice picture of Maria jumping.
Picture Montage that was on the cover of the Manual for the DOS game
Opening sequence picture of Maria
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Maker 2  
Personal Image Akai drew for me @Fanime2K
Olive in the Demon Dress
Very pretty picture of Olive
Sketch like image of Olive
Olive sitting and having a drink
Cube and Olive
Nice picture of Olive sitting down
Great picture of Olive in armor
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Princess Maker 3 Images   
Lisa with an art brush
Lisa and a castle
Lisa cooking
Lisa posing
She's on the town
Lisa montage
The 3 Different Daughters from the Princess Maker Series
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