The Festivals
       Unlike Princess Maker 2, there are 3 different kinds of Festivals that happen in the Princess Maker 3 universe.  And again, unlike the Princess Maker 2, the people who beat the pants off your daughter are from the previous Princess Maker games!  You forgot how frustrating it was to get defeated by Patricia in the dance competition or Anita in the combat competition, well... now your new daughter can share the same humiliation!  And now that I see this game, the names are Patricia and Anita.  Also, you can be defeated by the 2 previous daughters (Princess Maker 1) Maria, and (Princess Maker 2) Olive.  You also can be defeated by your current rivals, and occasionally a random girl.  Here are the three festivals.  Btw, the Festivals were included in the Windows 95 and the Sega Saturn versions.  The PSX version lacks this event.  If your daughter wins, you get 3000G... but you'd best work hard, I've yet to have a daughter actually WIN one.  You can choose to not attend these festivals.  Your daughter doesn't care too
much either way.

New Year Garden Play Gathering  (In January)
         Although this particular one is held in the castle, I'm not sure exactly what the name implies.  It's the only festival that is held indoors. Your daughter would need a high temperment to win this competition.

Sakura Festival (In April)
          A very Japanese sounding festival, this is the Cheery Blossom festival.  Allthough all three festivals give the same ammount of money, I'm quite sure that there are different requirements for winning each one... it's just a matter of finding out *what*.  This is held outdoors.  Your daughter will need high charm to win this festival.

Harvest Festival (In October, like it should be)
           Oh, of course there had to be a Harvest Festival.  The game would not be a Princess Maker game without it.  This as well is held outdoors.  Your daughter will need high stamina and charm.

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