Good Ol' Dad
          Just like all the other Princess Maker games, you are the father to this young girl.  Although the role isn't as defined in the other games, Princess Maker 3 makes sure things are a bit more realistic than before.   Everything you do and say can determine your daughters attitude, social status, and outlook on life.   At the begining of the game, you are given a choice of  6 different jobs that rank your social status and how much you are paid yearly, or at all.  It uniquely is determined by what job you do, and makes the factors in raising your daughter different with each job.  Unlike the previous games, your childs disposition can range from happy, average, worried, to spoiled, and this could all depend on how you treat her during the game, and what job you have starting off.  Since I haven't played the game thoroughly to find out every single nuance, I'll just translate what the jobs are, and you can find out what to do.  You really can tell between the 4 faces though, it's quite obvious to tell between normal and misconduct.
Merchant - Has a person standing there holding what could appear to be a lantern.
Daughter starts off with a Sassy Disposition.
Money: 3000 Gold to start, varying amounts throughout the years.  It depends on if it had been a good year or not.  It's different every time you play!  Generally it's between the amounts of 500-1500.
Credit: 200G
Room: The most expensive money can buy!  Beautiful.
Performer - Looks like a Jester juggling some items. Same goes for Performer as with the Priest, it implies he's a special kind of one.
Daughter starts off with a Misconduct disposition.
Money: 500G to start.  Yearly pay of 10-800G.
Credit: 50G
Room: One of the worst.  Stone cold floors.  Bad lighting.  Badly put together wooden furniture.  Your daughter has a reason to be a rebel.
Priest - Has a man praying at an alter of sorts.  His title implies he's a special sort of priest (like for the Realm).
Daughter starts out with Normal disposition.
Money: 800G to start.  Yearly pay of 300-800G.
Credit: 200G
Room: Pretty decent.  A few items around the room to be religious.  An ankh cross in one corner, some wooden furniture.  An average bed with white coverings.  Brown tiled floor. Not the best place, but certainly not the worst kept place.
Fallen Noble - He was once part of a Noble Family, but now it's extinct.  This is still a rather high social status, regardless. A man posing with a sword.
Daughter starts off with a sassy disposition.
Money: 500G.  Yearly pay of 700G.
Credit: 1500G
Room: Very nice!  The entire floor is one simple slab, shiny.  Must be marble.  Very pretty things decorate the room, as if you were rich, despite not starting off with a lot of money.
Retired Knight - Has a picture of a Knight posing with an axe, like he is a guard.
Daughter starts off with a normal disposition.
Money: 1500G.  Yearly pay of 700G.
Credit: 500G
Room: Very nicely lighted!  Lots of swords and suits of armor line the room.  The tiling on the floors is very light colored, giving the impression that it was slightly more expensive.  This is the most like the original two Princess Makers, going back to the aspect of your daughter is being raised by a warrior.  This would be my suggestion to start off if you were a beginner.  The others are more difficult, either because of money situations or handling the different dispositions of your daughter.
Bard - A man wearing a hat, and long clothing.  Better translated, a wandering monk
Daughter starts off with a misconduct disposition.
Money: 5000G.  No yearly pay.  That's ALL you get.
Credit: 50G.
Room: One of the worst rooms in the game.  Your floors and furniture are all plank wood.  A single white sheet on the bed.  Only a guitar is the item that characterizes the room.
Father's Social Status - This is at the bottom of the chart for you to know what you're choosing.

Later in the game
        I really can't go into too much detail on what happens later in the game.  You aren't generally given a Yes or No answer to questions that seem complicated.  I think the one I remember most was when she became a bit spoiled, but then went back to being happy.  After about 2 years or so after the fact, she came to me and said she felt bad about what she did, and if we forgave her and such.  She was very happy, and her stress went down a lot.  I guess just like the real world, she developed a guilty conscious for the things she had done.  It all depends on situations and what she's interested in.  Once I play the game a bit more, I'll put more examples down in the future.

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