Your Daughters Statistics
      From the top, here are your daughters statistics and how you will know what is what throughout the game.  It's pretty easy to figure what's what, but it's nice to be given what everything means.
    At the begining, you're questioned on what you have to give Uzu.  Things like 'What do you want your daughters name to be?'  and Uzu will respond the typical 'What a good name!' as if Uzu would tell you otherwise, right?   It'll ask Name, Surname, Birthdate, bloodtype, YOUR Birthdate, and then your job.  For more information on the jobs for you, check out the Good Ol' Dad page.  It'll then give you a chart like this and ask if it's okay.
Daughter's Name Lisa
Daughter's Surname Anderson
Daughter's Birthdate Month, Day 
Daughter's Bloodtype The blood type
Father's Birthdate Month, Day 
Father's Social Status / Job Job you chose
Next is the main screen.
    Your daughter will be standing in the center (Much like previous Princess Maker games) and you will have a few status boxes to explain what's going on.  The upper left corner has a box that is pretty explanitory.   The upper right corner has more information on your daughter, and the bottom box has 6 options for you to choose to do for your daughter.

Schedule: You're able to set your daughters' schedule for as long as you please.  You are given three options of:

More on this section, click on the box! :)
Shopping:  You can pick up a few things in town.  Whether it be a new dress or munchies.
Talking:  Conversing with your daughter is very important.  Depending on how you speak to her, certain stats may go up.  You have the options of:

Lovingly - This stat can actually gain trust in your daughter to you.  She loves to hear your warm chatter.
Gently - A gentle father is a good father.  She'll usually say something cute like "You're so gentle! *giggle*" and so forth.
Strictly - This can also be translated as "Harshly" or "Angrily".  Not to be used often, this is a tool to really keep your daughter in line.  I wouldn't suggest doing this too often unless you were trying to prove a point while she's spoiled.  It's an option there to use only when necessary, just like 'Scold' was in Princess Maker 2.   If she's spoiled she may respond in a rather snide response back.  Like "I don't like you very much either" or something. If she's happy, she may comment like "Yes, I'll do my best!"

Execute: This executes the current schedule that you have set.  If you haven't set the schedule, Uzu will hop in and complain that you haven't set her schedule.
Dress: You can change her clothes and use items with this option.
Status: Clicking on status will give you all her statistics from that moment.  Here is that list now.  The list on the left side of the screen is as follows:
Military Prowess/Heroism

          On  the right side of the screen will be her information, listed as:

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