The Castle
           Although it seems hard at first, your daughters success in high society all depend on how she effects the nice people at the castle.  The first few times through, these people will be *annoying*.  It's best to know what exactly they're looking for to finish them off ( Which would be a popularity score of 999 ).  Here is who they are, and what they want.
This guy is the palace guard.  He talks to you anytime you even step foot near the castle.  He looks for refinement and decorum.  Your score will go up higher once you get better in those two fields.  He tells you to talk to someone else once you hit the popularity of 40.
This is the Royal Guard.  He is a bit tougher than the palace guard, and looks for those same qualities of Decorum and Refinement.  He tells you to talk to someone else once you hit a 90 in popularity. So you have to talk to him till you get over 50 in popularity.
General Kruger.  He looks for the Refinement coupled with Decorum, plus he also has a soft spot for children with Sensativity.  He is  also the teacher of the Strategy class.  If you go in the order of Palace Guard, Royal Guard, then him.  You can end at 190, or pretty much 100 popularity points.
This is the Minister of State.  He is a little more strict on what is needed.  His requirements are at least Decorum to be pretty high, Refinement, and he really really likes intelligent people.  Every 10 points of intelligence will give you another point of popularity.  So for example if you're at 130 of Intelligence, he'll give you 13 of popularity, and so forth.  He is also the judge of the Dance Contest when the Harvest festival rolls around.  Generally it takes him 120 points of popularity to pass him, and if you go in the same order that would be 310 to end on.
This man is the Archbishop.  He is a very spiritual man (Well, duh) who primarily looks for faith in all.  Same as the Minister of State, every point of faith in incriments of 10 gets you a point of popularity.  He is the main guy for the Art Festival come Harvest Festival time.  The Archbishop needs 120 as well, and that would be 430 if you're going in the correct order.
She's the Royal Concubine.  Although she is after the Archbishop, it's best to perhaps leave her for last, considering the only skill she looks for is Conversation.  Same deal as above, every 10, etc.  So if your kid has a Conversation of 1... you might wait until you can start conversing with her before trying to pass her.  So far there are only two jobs that deal with Conversation.  Those are the Bar, and the Sleazy Bar.  So once you get along to there, it takes about 120 before you get past her, or if you actually wait till last, it'd be 119.
This is the Queen.  She is rather difficult to get past, since there are only two requirements.  One is Decorum needs to be near maxed out, and she only really looks for Temperment.  Temperment can only be gained through Housework.  It also takes a great number of times visiting her before finally moving onto the King.  The Queen takes about 160 points to get past, but at 10 points each time, it's a really difficult and LONG process.  If you go in the order requested above, she ends at 590 of popularity. 
This guy is the King.  Although the Concubine and Queen have to be the most difficult, I tend to think the King is rather easy going.   He's a fighter loving man.  So any Combat Skill, Combat Attack, and Combat Defense you have will add up when visiting him, PLUS any Fighters Reputation you've accumulated.  You can pass him really quickly if your kid is the hero type, just like her Dad ^_^ Although the ammount of points needed seems extreme (290 to pass him) it doesn't seem so much if you're a fighter type.  Unlike the Queen and Concubine, you can rank up to 50 points of popularity each visit considering how skilled you are at fighting and such.  If you go in the order that's correct, he usually tells you to talk to others at 880 points.
This guy is the Jester, and although he is on the list to talk to, he doesn't help your Social Reputation at all.  If you choose to talk to him, your Sensativity goes up 15 points, but the Social Rep goes down 15... is it an even trade?  Not sure.
Claiming to be a Young Officer guarding the palace only during the month of January each year, this guy has a lot of secrets.  You really don't need *anything* to actually talk to this guy, however you'll discover ( if you're lucky ) that he's really the young prince of the realm, in disguise.  Originally it was debated that to marry the prince, you'd have to be a housewife.  This isn't true.  In fact, I've had a dancer and a hero both marry him... it's all a matter of how socially well you are accepted, how popular, and of course if you visit him each month ( Give or take the accidental missing of one ).   Is it worth the effort?  Well, the game is called Princess Maker.  You be the judge ^_^ Though, we've discovered that you can't be a KICK ass hero and marry him.  You'll only be a semi decent Hero ( Because at some point you'll be married to him and can't go wandering outside of the castle, duh o.o; )  However the case may be, you really have to want to do it badly to get it. ^_^

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