The auction that seemed TOO good to be true...

I'm sure a few people were duped by this auction.  In fact, I know a great deal of people were duped by the whole thing.  This guy listed like.. 50 games or so at once, all of which were either anime related or were games that should not be for PC.  Here is my experience with it.  This is designed to warn people before they waste their hard earned money on crap auctions.  Let me explain that I did go into this expecting the guy to take the money and run.  I DID, in fact, receive the product almost a month after I had won the auction and sent the money.  Here is my telling of this interesting tale.  The images I have are from the auction I won, but I have blurred out any information (such as my handle name, auction number, time it ended, etc.) that would be incriminating to me.  Anywhos, on with the bashing!

I saved the image in a really low quality so it would load fast.  Basically, the things that are wrong with it start from the way it was listed.  I mean, PLEASE... it's being listed as a Sega Dreamcast Game.  People should look at how the item is listed first.  If it's listed as a PC game, then yes, that's what you should be expecting.  But it's listed as a Dreamcast game, despite the title saying in big, bold letters "RARE/ PRINCESS MAKER 2 /ENGLISH ANIME PC GAME".  Second thing wrong - The guy has absolutely NO feedback, and he already set up a little "me" thing?  That's just weird.  What it looked like to me was that he was trying his best to look like a legitimate seller, but in reality he was just selling burns of games and music.

WAHAHAHAHAHA!  He sure is asking a lot here.  Sure, he can SELL us products with 0 feedback, but he expects people that are bidding on his auctions to actually have more than 2?  That's really asking for too much I think.  So now, all he wants to do is take money from GOOD eBayer's.  That's really sweet of him.  What I'm going to do now is list his auction description on the right side, like it was in the auction, along with my commentary and the pictures HE used for the auction on the left side.  My comments will be easily noticeable as mine.

Due to the popularity of WHAT previous auction?  You have no feedback, therefore you "never" sold before, or did your old handle get torched and removed for doing this before? 

As many of us would know, this auction states Princess Maker 2.  If we knew so much about the Princess Maker series, we'd realize that every freaking picture you put up was from Princess Maker 3, moron.

Only two releases from the Princess Maker series?  This guy needs to do at LEAST a little research before stating what has or has not came out in a collection of games.

Princess Maker 1 and Princess Maker... Deluxe?  Wow, that's news to me.  So what he's selling, ladies and gentlemen, is the THIRD GAME in a series that just HAPPENS to be in English.  No absolute explanation as to why it is so *RARE* or whatever exactly this Princess Maker Deluxe that he holds so dear to his heart is.

One new feature of this auction is to blatantly lie to the person you're selling to.  First he tries to act like he knows the game, by calling it PM2, then he goes on to describe aspects of Princess Maker 3.  The entire auction is also posted entirely with pictures of Princess Maker 3, so what it sounds like he's trying to sell is a version of Princess Maker 3, with an english patch, and calling it Princess Maker 2.  Too good to be true?  It is!  Because what he's really selling is just the good old version of Princess Maker 2 English Beta version, burned to a CD in zip format.  Nice try asshole.  Thanks for going in depth about a game that we'll never see in English anytime soon.

The worst part is he's going really in depth.  He's explaining the 192 different phases, the rivals becoming your friends... and then he goes BACK on everything and states the whole adventuring thing.  You can't adventure in Princess Maker 3.  So now he's going back to explaining Princess Maker 2?  It isn't very clear anywhere in this auction.  Please remember that anything you buy on eBay is a risk, and it involves something you love very dearly -  money.  I personally don't like it when I spend my own money on crap, and neither should you. 

Okay, so he hasn't GOTTEN all the endings, but he knows the exact requirements for each one?  Probably because you have a cheat, just like the rest of the world, and it's really easy to do. 

Comgradulate myself?  Isn't that against the law somewhere?

More info, please email him.  Right... I actually emailed him, from a hidden account.  He never answered, probably because I told him everything that was possibly wrong with his auction.  Wimp.

Extremely rare, excellent quality, fast shipping.  These three things should not have gone together.  Rare is relative... I know most people can find it on the net really easily.  You call that rare?  I don't know about the quality of his burn, but I'll tell ya... that nice paper label sure made me feel special and warm inside.  I'm not necessarily sure that nearly 2 weeks after he received the money should be considered FAST SHIPPING either.  Trust me, I sent out something the same exact day to someone else in Canada, and they were able to get me the product AND notify me when they received the money before I got anything from him.

Not sure what the item is?  I know damn well what it is, and you're lying your ass off.  It's people like you who give the idea of buying things through online auctions a bad name.   Maybe YOU should not post something if you don't know what you're selling.

BTW, the fully protected item was in a small, yellow padded envelope.  Yes, I feel that my package was SO secure.

Happy bidding my ass.  More like "bend over and take it a little harder for all the crap I just fed you and the money I just screwed you out of."

His Auction - in his own words               

Due to the popularity of my
Graduation S auction, i'm back
with another guardian simulation
game in english. As many of you
would probably know about the
Princess maker series, there has
been previously two releases
from this series. Princess Maker
1 was made a long time ago (I
forgot the date). PM Deluxe is
probably one of my favorite
games at the time when it was
out. The idea of raising a little girl
from the age of 10 to 18 is quite
appealing. What i'm selling today
is the english version of the third
game in the serie: Princess maker
2. The player can choose the name
of the girl, the birthday and blood
type of the girl as usual. One new
feature added in PM2 is that the
player can choose what
occupation he wants to be. The
different jobs are merchant,
wandering bard, wandering
priest, a nobleman, a retired
knight, and a entertainer.
Depending on what job you
choose, the little girl start off with
different attributes. Personal
favorites are wandering priest
and Knight. There are also
contests which allows the player
to win money with the little girl.
There are three different
tournaments to enter through out
the course of every year. The
game is divided into 192 different
phases, so the little girl can
perform differernt tasks, like
going to school, working to earn
money and going to the
wilderness and so on. Another
added feature is that the little girl
now has competition in the
different classes she might choose
to take. These rivals will
eventually turn into your friend
and whenever the little girl's
birthday arrives, her stats will be
significantly raised due to
presents she will be getting from
her friends. The ultimate goal of
this game is to make a good
princess out of the girl. The best
ending is very cool and is pretty
amazing To get this ending, the
little girl must have insane stats as
well as being quite wealthy. But
you will comgradulate yourself
once you get that ending. There
are also other endings adding up
to 60 in total(she can become a
priest, a knight, a thieft, a joke!). I still
haven't gotten all of them yet, but
I know the exact requirements to
get each ending, so if you want
more info, please email me.
for the back picture, but
QuickCam is pure crap.

Please EMAIL ME if you are
not sure of what this item is! Feel
free to ask any questions. Do not
bid unless you know what you
are bidding on.
Shipping will only be 3$ all
across america, fully protected to
ensure its security.

Isn't this just the greatest picture to reassure you just what exactly you are bidding on? ;p

What I received was Princess Maker 2, in a zip file, the general English Beta version that has been floating around over the internet for the last few years.  This is what was enclosed, as if it should justify anything, (listed in his own words) he stated:

"Thank you to have bought one of my products which I hope, will give you whole satisfaction.  Only, I believe that it is important that I put something at light before continuing.  This product is completely legal.  Either it is a <<public domain>> product, either that the company which have make the product has never released it and is no more under the law of copyrights (According to the law in Canada) or maybe that the product is in fact abandonware or a freeware that someone can freely distribute or sell (According to the law in Canada).  Akira X always gets informations about the legality of a product before offering it to you in order to respect the law and continu to operate.

- Green Day Warning Song is given by Lookout Records inc. and can be freely distributed to promote their next album.

- Princess Maker and Graduation have not been officially released and are now considered freeware by the C.E.A.C (According to the law in Canada).

- Private Garden was given as a bonus with another game in Japan last year and is now considered as product that can be freely distributed.

- The companies responsable of Bijouri 2, Star Platinum and XOXO do not operate anymore.  Their products is not under the copyrights law anymore. (According to the law in Canada).

- The other games are too old to be sold an dare now considered as abandonwares that can be freely distributed and sold (Sega Freaks...).

Thank you and have fun!"

Wow, that totally made me feel better about wasting $20 bucks on this auction.  So, he just blatantly states that what he sold you was FREEWARE and that you could have gotten it free somewhere.  Brilliant.  According to the law in America, we call that being a crook and a lying asshole.  It's like "Hahaha, I have your money, you could have got it for free!  Enjoy the burn!"

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