Here's the main statistics page, edited so you have a good idea what stats mean what, especially since they're all listed in either japanese or chinese.

Quick Explanation of translation choices:
First box has:
Gender: Obviously Female.  It literally translates as "Female Child"
Sign/Constellation: This all depends on what birthday it is.  This one points to Taurus.
Bloodtype: Her bloodtype is O.  This is really easy.
Birthday: What birthday you chose.
Age: Her age at that point in time.  Right now she's 10 (Her starting age)
Height: How Tall your daughter is.
Weight: What your childs weight is.
Figure %: This is in relation to percentage ideal to the bloodtype.
Money: How much $ you have.

Second Box - To the right:
Constitution: Also can be translated literally as Body Strength
Strength: This one was also translated as "Arm Strength"
Intelligence: How smart your daughter is.
Refinement: How refined your daughter is.
Tenacity: This was also listed as "Tenacious".  So I used "Tenacity" for the skill listed.
Stress: Also translated as "Fatigue"
Charisma: Can also be translated literally as "Sex Appeal"
Morality: Morals, Morality... it's really all the same.
Valuation: Her money saavy-ness.
Experience: Her experience value.
Combat Skill: Can also be listed as "Combat Technique"
Agility: Also translated as "Defense Skill"
Combat Defense: Also translated as "Armor Strength/Defense"
Combat Attack: Also translated as Offensive Augmentation
HP: Her Hit Points
MP: Her Magical Points

The Extra Options Box: These are pretty self explanatory.
Equip Weapon
Equip Helmet
Equip Armor
Use Item
Change Clothes
     a) Wear Spring Outfit
     b) Wear Summer Outfit
     c) Wear Autumn Outfit
     d) Wear Winter Outfit
     e) Cancel
Save Game
Load Game

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